Tiger Light T-100

The T-100 by Tiger Light is a new OC delivery system for civilian use that is legal in all 50 states (according to the company). Tiger Light has been producing tactical lighting units for police and military for sometime now, but just recently developed a new compact system for the everyday Joe or Jane. This unit incorporates a high-powered flash light that can blind an attacker, a strobe light that can be used to disorient, as well as a concealed OC spray unit that fires out twice as fast as standard OC sprays and has an operational distance of 10-12 feet. The unit features a rechargeable battery pack as well as replaceable spray cartridges. The recommended operating technique is to blind the attacker first using the bright light so they turn their head away, then when you flip the unit over to use the OC spray the attacker will look at you once the light is out of their face and thats when you deploy the system. OC spray will cause itching and burning of eyes and skin, as well as inability to breath.

A starting kit including one T-100, 2 practice cartridges, 2 live cartridges, self defense instructional DVD, wrist strap, and battery charger are selling on Amazon for $125.00

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