Tiger Light Peace Keeper Mini

In my constant search for amazing new products in the realm of less lethal self defense I managed to find one that I truly believe is like nothing else currently available on the market today. A company called Tiger Light who’s T100 model has previously been reviewed in this blog has developed an amazing personal defense spray system which truly can act as a force multiplier. This product affectionately goes by the acronym D.A.D. which stands for Defense Alert Device. The unit is made of very tough polycarbonate which keeps it light and durable. The D.A.D. also features a multi-mode LED light which includes panic, high, low, strobe and SOS modes. The OC spray is military grade and claims to stop 96% of potential attackers. The unit features a hand strap so that the user can maintain control of it in a high-stress situation, but all these features are dim in comparison to the one thing that makes this item so cool and unique. This device features a force multiplier button, a back up button the user can hit to alert the user’s friends and family of his/her location during a dangerous encounter. The D.A.D. system works alongside a mobile app which the user’s friends and family can download, when the button is pressed the app sends out an alert to all of the user’s nearby friends (within a mile via bluetooth) and all listed friends and family in the D.A.D. contacts list regardless of the distance. The alert which is sent out once the button is pressed will alert the recipients to call 911 and provide directions and location information on their smartphones. This is perfect for just about anyone looking for a less lethal self defense option, great for kids going off to college or abroad.

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For more info checkout: http://tigerlight.net/