The Dual Defense System

Here is yet another interesting Less Lethal Alternative called The Dual Defense System which works much like a traditional air-taser with projectile electric darts but this unit retails for about half as much. The Dual Defense System utilizes a single-shot disposable projectile cartridge that shoots out two electric darts that’s can penetrate leather out to a distance of 17 feet while the traditional civilian Taser M26C and X26C has a limit of 15 feet. This unit can also be used as a regular drive stun weapon when the projectile cartridge has been spent. This unit works off of regular 9-V batteries that you can purchase at any grocery or pharmacy close to home. The Dual Defense System is small enough to be easily concealable in your cargo shorts or handbag. I have attached a test document of this unit to this posting as a PDF download. This unit is legal to carry in many states without a permit but you should always consult your local law enforcement agency prior to carry.

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