Taser Strike Light

As many of you have come to expect from TASER, there new lineup of sleek less lethal self defense tools look & feel ten years ahead of their time and that is no exception for the NEW TASER Strike Light. Now you wont have to worry about those night-time dog walks, empty parking garages, or what made the noise in the kitchen at midnight. Be prepared with stun and strike capabilities found in this latest TASER product thats made of rugged aluminum and high-impact polymer. For practical purposes this defensive flashlight has a replaceable yet chargeable  lithium battery and can provide up to five hours of continues light, or, 100 5-second stuns… which ever comes first on a single charge. This easy to carry device weighs only 9.5 ounces so it won’t slow you down and provides 55 yards of lit environment with it’s 80 lumen LED light.


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