Arc Angel Stun Cane

Our next Less Lethal Alternative is as practical as it is useful in self defense. If you have a need of a cane or any other type of walking implement for mobility assistance on a regular basis the STUN CANE by Arc Angel can protect you on your travels. This unassuming weapon has a manually activated stun tip which can deliver an intimidating spark of 1,000,000 volts that can deter and keep a potential threat at bay. You can also keep the unit near the door for protection at home for any unexpected late night visitors. The STUN CANE features an adjustable sturdy shaft with ergonomic handle.

The Arc Angel STUN CANE is the responsible solution for those consumers who feel a need for protection but don’t want to carry a traditional firearm. It is not a gun, it is not lethal and you don’t need a license to own it. It is safe to use and easy to store. The STUN CANE is fully functional and practical as a walking tool as it supports 350 LB. max weight. It includes a home charging unit and foreign plug converter with fully rechargeable NiMH battery system for thousands of flawless charges. The STUN CANE is constructed of   high quality aircraft aluminum.

stun gun

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