Strafer MK4

Our next Less Lethal Alternative comes to us from X-CALIBER TACTICAL, a company who sells what has become known as the less lethal machine gun, the Strafer MK4. This beast was precision tooled by Piper’s Precision Products and flaunts an extremely high rate of fire as it’s main benefit to the user. The Strafer MK4 spits out a volley of lead or polymer BBs at a rate of 9,000-10,500 RPM (rounds per minute) which translates into 150-175 rounds per second at muzzle velocities of up to 625 FPS(feet per second). The Strafer’s recommended engagement range is 75 yards, but it’s maximum engagement is at 125 yards. The unit features a hopper capable of holding from 7,200 to 96,000 rounds of ammunition. The body is made from T6061 Aluminum and Nickel-Plated Brass, it has two different barrels to accommodate a 6mm and 4.5mm round, it measures 22.5 inches in length, and weighs seven pounds nine ounces when empty. It uses compressed air, CO2, or DRY N2 as it’s propellent. Currently this unit is being marketed as a riot control device for law enforcement, but is also being sold to regular consumers for recreational shooting. It has been strongly recommended by the manufacturer that this unit, should it be used against a living target, not be aimed at center mass or the head to prevent fatalities and to only use the polymer or plastic BBs in that event. One should fire this weapon at the legs and arms in a swaying side to side motion. The unit is capable of accepting several aftermarket mods including tactical lights, laser sights, red dot sights, and front hand grips through optionally mounted tactical rails on top and bottom of unit.

The unit’s MSRP is $1,125.00

strafer mk4


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