Booby Trap Bra

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting article featuring a product specifically made for women. The product was created by a woman who had her self been attack and realized that all her self defense options had been left at home. Through this experience she created a prototype sports bra that had a concealed sheath for a small defense knife, stun gun, or even a self defense spray. The product that was developed from the prototype is known as the Booby Trap Bra. The idea is similar to that of a neck knife, where the self defense tool is within easy reach and accessible during a hostile confrontation. This sort of self defense solution is ideal for women who live an active life style, running, jogging, and spending time outdoors by themselves. It’s a simple solution for self defense, it provides light, effective, and affordable self defense. The bra is made in the United States.

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Defender 24/7

Today I saw an interesting item through a video that a friend of mine had shared on social media. This product seems to be very unique and features some very cool capabilities. The product is the Defender 24/7 and it’s main defensive feature is a law enforcement grade self defense spray. But the features keep getting better from there. The Defender 24/7 is also a communication tool. When the device is activated and pointed at the assailant the Defender 24/7 takes a snap shot of the attacker which is then wirelessly sent to your smart phone and the Defender App. After this the picture is sent to authorities and your GPS position reported to law enforcement in order for them to send assistance to your location. The device also features a medical alert button which can be activated by users with medical conditions that may require a life alert style system. As if all those features weren’t enough, the unit also has a personal defense siren which can attract additional attention to your location in case of an attack or a medical emergency. The device is small enough to fit in just about any pocket and is a great solution for both men and women seeking a less lethal defensive option. The units are now available for pre-order at around $179.00.

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Cobra Stun Light

Welcome back! For our next less lethal defensive tool I have chosen to write about a tool that’s not only handy for self defense but practical as well. Named after the fearsome and venomous spitting Cobra, The Cobra 2 by Cobra Stun Light acts both as a practical high-lumen LED flash flight and as an effective OC delivery system. The Cobra 2 features an airplane-grade aluminum body along with a non-slip rubber grip for firm control over the unit. When the Cobra 2 gets defensive it triggers a high-intensity strobe light to disorient an assailant, but that is only half of its bite. The second half stings much more. The Cobra 2 features a hidden OC spray with is triggered by a concealed button on the frame of the unit. The OC spray allows for 2-3 shots per canister and is refillable with a fresh OC canister. With a built-in laser sight for stream accuracy and an effective distance of 20 feet, this system can hold off attackers. The OC irritant can be felt almost immediately causing severe burning of the eyes and throat that lasts for several minutes. The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and allows up to four hours of continuos runtime at low beam operation. The unit is both water and shock resistant and features a low battery indicator. I have contacted the manufacturer to find out how the American consumer can get their hands on this unit. I will keep you posted.

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Tiger Light T-100

The T-100 by Tiger Light is a new OC delivery system for civilian use that is legal in all 50 states (according to the company). Tiger Light has been producing tactical lighting units for police and military for sometime now, but just recently developed a new compact system for the everyday Joe or Jane. This unit incorporates a high-powered flash light that can blind an attacker, a strobe light that can be used to disorient, as well as a concealed OC spray unit that fires out twice as fast as standard OC sprays and has an operational distance of 10-12 feet. The unit features a rechargeable battery pack as well as replaceable spray cartridges. The recommended operating technique is to blind the attacker first using the bright light so they turn their head away, then when you flip the unit over to use the OC spray the attacker will look at you once the light is out of their face and thats when you deploy the system. OC spray will cause itching and burning of eyes and skin, as well as inability to breath.

A starting kit including one T-100, 2 practice cartridges, 2 live cartridges, self defense instructional DVD, wrist strap, and battery charger are selling on Amazon for $125.00

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ACE CO Microshot

The AceCo MicroShot is one of the newest Less Lethal Alternatives on the market, machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum right here in the U.S. The idea behind this device is that in a high pressure self defense scenario aiming this device would come very naturally to most people who have ever held or fired a pistol. This device is compact and rugged as well as easy to load and uses Saber Red pepper spray. Each replaceable pepper spray canister provides 4-6 half-second sprays or a continuous spray depending on the user’s trigger motion. It weighs only 12oz loaded and has a 12 lbs trigger pull. Unfortunately like most aerosol pepper spray devices, the AceCo MicroShot only has a range of six feet and is effected by wind conditions. However, the unit does have a lifetime warranty and in several color variations.

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JPX Jet Protector

One common tool that pops into mind when thinking about a less lethal defensive weapon system is OC spray or pepper spray. There are several manufacturers of this defensive weapon system but none that can really match the JPX Jet Protector by Piexon. The JPX Jet Protector is a new and revolutionary OC delivery system, unlike traditional  OC delivery systems that use compressed gas or air to spray it’s intended targets with the irritant solution, the JPX uses a pyrotechnic charge similar to that of a 9MM. This allows the content of the chamber magazine to be extremely effective in almost any weather conditions. When using traditional OC sprays, it is in one’s best interest to make sure they are not spraying the OC spray against the wind, and in heavy rain conditions the traditional system may prove unreliable. Further more, with the traditional aerosol propellant system one often has to use a “Pray and Spray” technique as many of the traditional systems will lack in the areas of accuracy and reach. This new system offered by Piexon in the JPX offers reliable function in any weather, accuracy due to narrow spray pattern and built in laser sight, significant reach ( up to 23 feet at 270 mph), offers two shots to stop an attacker, and is small enough for easy concealment. Since the OC spray is delivered so fast and with such force it easily penetrates face masks. Since the JPX isn’t classified as a firearm most states will allow you to carry this system without a permit. This system is currently in use by several police agencies across the world, and even though this little beauty isn’t made in the USA, it is still quality manufactured in Switzerland. The frame comes in Black ( recommended for law enforcement), Orange, and military OD Green. The system also has a tactical rail for mounting small accessories in front of the trigger guard. On a personal note I bought this system for my mother, she has never been a fan of traditional firearms, but with this system I can rest knowing she has a reliable self defense tool.

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Tiger Light Peace Keeper Mini

In my constant search for amazing new products in the realm of less lethal self defense I managed to find one that I truly believe is like nothing else currently available on the market today. A company called Tiger Light who’s T100 model has previously been reviewed in this blog has developed an amazing personal defense spray system which truly can act as a force multiplier. This product affectionately goes by the acronym D.A.D. which stands for Defense Alert Device. The unit is made of very tough polycarbonate which keeps it light and durable. The D.A.D. also features a multi-mode LED light which includes panic, high, low, strobe and SOS modes. The OC spray is military grade and claims to stop 96% of potential attackers. The unit features a hand strap so that the user can maintain control of it in a high-stress situation, but all these features are dim in comparison to the one thing that makes this item so cool and unique. This device features a force multiplier button, a back up button the user can hit to alert the user’s friends and family of his/her location during a dangerous encounter. The D.A.D. system works alongside a mobile app which the user’s friends and family can download, when the button is pressed the app sends out an alert to all of the user’s nearby friends (within a mile via bluetooth) and all listed friends and family in the D.A.D. contacts list regardless of the distance. The alert which is sent out once the button is pressed will alert the recipients to call 911 and provide directions and location information on their smartphones. This is perfect for just about anyone looking for a less lethal self defense option, great for kids going off to college or abroad.

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