Cheetah Ku Stun

If you’ve ever visited Less Lethal Alternatives in the past you know that we like to review cool and unique items on this site. This next one is compact and delivers two methods of self defense; striking and stunning. The Cheetah Ku Stun is a one handed personal protection device that sports two threatening spikes to drive into an attacker using a hammer-fist strike or an electrified finger loop that not only provides control over the device but can send a good 4.8 million volts to it’s target. The Cheetah Ku Stun can be easily concealed in your pocket or purse. The unit comes in black, purple, or pink colors and features a lifetime warranty. Please check your local laws prior to purchase and carrying to make sure you are within your state’s laws.

stun gun

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G-JMD EDC Self Defense Spike

Our next item is quite a multi-purpose utility and self-defense tool; the G-JMD EDC Self Defense Spike. This item is designed to be held single-handed and provide a hard and sharp striking edge similar to that of a flat head screw driver combined with a fist pack. The weight is 36g, its length from tip to end measures 90mm,  and is made of stainless steel. It provides additional uses as an interior angle wrench, bottle opener, and screwdriver. The G-JMD EDC Self Defense Spike is a self-defense weapon disguised as a multi-tool.

less lethal alternatives

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