Defenzia M11

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As Less Lethal Alternatives has been getting an overwhelming amount of inquires regarding the release date of the Defenzia M11 less lethal consumer firearm, we felt that it was time for an update. Thus far the company has released no official date, but has stated that it should be available on the consumer market prior to the end of 2016.

The Defenzia M11 is a four-barrel .50 caliber firearm, it fires a rubber projectile in semi-automatic action and propels the impact round down range with 75 joules of muzzle energy. It is highly advised and recommended that the target zone is center mass. Avoid head shots and shots to the groin area. The device is a less lethal firearm, key words to remember are “LETHAL” and “FIREARM”. As with any less lethal platform there is always a chance of a lethal outcome, even if it is less likely than with a standard firearm.

As the official release date becomes available we will post another update with pricing and purchasing information. We thank you for your patience.


Our next piece of less lethal tech is as sleek and sexy as it is effective. Tiberius Arms is a manufacturer of high end paintball gear and compact .68 caliber launchers. The former less lethal device known as the SWAT C8 which has been discontinued and the still existing FN P 303 which is marketed as a true less lethal device for law enforcement, was based off of the Tiberius T 8.1 platform. The Tiberius T 8.1 is a semi-automic, 8 round, pistol sized launcher ideal  for home defense and personal protection. This unit is sleeker and smaller than it’s competition while still delivering a muzzle velocity of 280 fps(feet per second) at ranges of 30-50 feet with around 25 joules of energy to it’s target. This unit can be customized in several ways including red dot sights, laser sights, and with a “First Strike” conversion kit the unit can accept fin-stabilized projectiles similar to those fired by the FN 303 greatly improving it’s accuracy. This unit is capable of rapid reload with extra magazines each holding a twelve gram C02 cartridge and eight rounds of less lethal ammo, from glass breakers to chemical PAVA/pepper rounds and everything in between. The specs include a solid aluminum upper receiver, dual rubber detents, side dovetailed iron sights, low profile C02 quick puncture, and grooved full length grip for comfort and control. The T 8.1 measures 10.5″ in length and is roughly 2 lbs, so it may not be the best device for concealable carry but when it comes to gas powered launchers it’s still fairly compact. The unit comes in three sexy color variations black, black/silver, and silver. The T 8.1 is designed and produced in the United States so you can count on it’s reliability.  *NOTE: ammo choice is crucial when using a .68 cal paintball marker for self defense purposes. While regular paintballs can sting on impact they may not be sufficient enough to stop a determined attacker. For alternative ammo choices see the previous article posted in this category.

This unit’s MSRP is roughly $200.00 and is available at many online retailers.

The First Strike conversion kit is roughly $100.00

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Bruzer Less Lethal

Here is another less lethal launcher that we can be proud to say is made right here in the good old USA. The Bruzer less lethal launcher is based on a break-barrel pistol platform which, “uses existing 12 gauge less lethal munitions.  Some of the munitions available include: Kinetic Energy Impact, Chemical, Signaling, and Muzzle Blast munitions. These munitions are available from a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores.  By changing the munitions, you can dynamically alter the function in which the Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform operates. The appearance of Bruzer is all about intimidation. Visually, Bruzer with its flat black exterior and large bore stainless steel barrels, command respect.”-Bruzer Less Lethal

Although I do not personally own one of these units, everything I’ve read and seen about this less lethal launcher looks promising. Some of the PROS of this unit is that it is concealable, offers customizing options ( i.e. laser or tac-light),  available with orange barrels (for law enforcement identification as less lethal), and it offers it’s user two shots to take down a potential threat. It uses a single action operating mechanism which allows the user time to decide if a second shot is necessary to subdue the threat. As always it’s a good idea to check with your local state and city police departments to see about any restrictions of owning a NFA less lethal launcher.

This unit’s MSRP is $650.00

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RAM Combat Pistol

RAM or Real Action Marker is a company that produces high-end paintball markers as well as air guns and air soft guns. We’ve already discussed how traditional .68 cal paintball markers can be applied to self-defense purposes and covered several products from Scarab Arms, Tiberius Arms, Pepperball, and even RAM. We have also gone over that your selection in the gun you choose is just as important as the payload or ammo choice that you go with. This is where RAM’s next item differs from the rest previously discussed in this blog. RAM produces a line of replica hand guns that mimic real function of some real world handguns minus the lethality of them. Amongst the different variants are the RAM X 50 modeled after the Sig Sauer P226, RAM P99 modeled after the Walther PK380, and the RAM COMBAT modeled after the full size Glock 22. All these guns operate on co2 and sport realistic blow-back action( slide kicks back with each shot) and semi-automatic function. Another major note of mention is that these guns shoot a .43 caliber projectile instead of the traditional .68 caliber which is most common for paintball. Since these guns are so realistic in appearance and function and the barrel diameter is so close to a real-life .45 caliber handgun it would be wise to mark the pistol of your choice with a yellow or orange slide so that any law enforcement officer won’t think you are holding a lethal weapon. Yellow and orange are universal colors for less lethal weapons, and even though these RAM handguns don’t come equipped with these color options you can remove the slide and apply the paint job to the outside by yourself. The reason why these handguns don’t come equipped with these color schemes is because they were not intended for self defense. However, with the right choice of .43 ammo these guns can be repurposed for such use. Glass Breaker rounds are projectiles that are fired out of gas operated less lethal devices by law enforcement officer to bust down automobile wind shields in hostage situations. These rounds are very hard to find for people who are regular everyday citizens, however there is one company out there who has made such projectiles available to consumers for self-defense. This company is called Alternate Buy LLC and yes they even manufacture a miniature version of the .68 caliber glass breaker round in a .43 caliber version allowing these RAM Combat Handguns to be used as self-defense tools. These guns have an effective range of roughly 65 feet and can spit out projectiles at speeds between 250 fps to 300 fps. These guns are made out of high quality materials like the real deal and meant to be reliable and work in poor weather conditions, however since they are co2 operated cold weather can affect the power of the shot (co2 works better in hotter environments). Standard pistol holsters will work for carrying and storage and additional 8 shot magazines are available for roughly $40.

UNIT’S MSRP= $190-$350 (depending on model)