TCR For Less Lethal

Our next impact launcher is a new platform from Indiana based Tippmann who has been manufacturing quality paintball gear and markers right here in the U.S. since 1986. The NEW TCR or Tactical Compact Rifle, is a .68 caliber paintball platform which accepts the First Strike projectiles which are enhanced fin-stabilized projectiles that offer significantly improved accuracy down range. There are companies other than FNH (FN Herstal) that produce fin-stabilized less lethal projectiles that can be used in the TCR. The TCR has many features reminiscent of the HK MP7. The TCR is both a mag-fed as well as hopper fed platform allowing both max capacity or maneuverability in CQC style situations such as in home defense. The unit ships out with two magazines a 12 round extended mag and a standard 7 round mag. The TCR has a tactical/ adjustable stock which can hold a spare mag for quick reload. For less lethal application this unit can have one magazine loaded with impact munitions such as glass breakers or hard rubber balls, while the other is loaded with chemical agents such as pepper powder or pava irritant which causes an assailant’s eyes to close and mucus membranes to cause difficulty in breathing. The TCR platform is VERY customizable with various barrels, optics , and a frame lined with piccatiny rails. The TCR can use CO2 or HPA as a power source. The unit delivers projectiles down range at 330+ fps or 33 joules of energy.

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