Guard Dog Olympian

The next less lethal alternative is a pretty cool little gadget, a less lethal multipurpose device. The Olympian by Guard Dog Security Products features their so-called “Triple Threat” of self defense options. The unit has a high voltage concealed stun gun for close encounters, a built in OC/pepper spray (18%) that can spray a target at 16 feet, and a 150 lumen flash light which is also great for everyday practical use. The flashlights bulb has a 100,000 hour life span. The unit is rechargeable so you don’t need to keep running to the store for batteries on a regular basis and comes with a small leather carrying case. The unit it self also features a rubberized grip for firm control of the unit when using it. It also features a dual safety switch: One for the stun gun and one for the pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge.¬†As with most of Guard Dog Security Products the Olympian is backed by a lifetime warranty. The unit measures 4.25 inches in length and comes in pink or black color schemes. This can be an ideal solution for both men and women who like to jog as well as for students who walk from one place to another by themselves late at night. I have seen this product retail at some online retailers for $85.00.

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