Raysun M1

Our next topic of discussion about Less Lethal Arms is a self-defense unit produced by Jiun An Technology Co, LTD in Taiwan. You may remember an earlier posting about the Raysun X1 ECD type device, well this is it’s little brother the Raysun M1. The unit has an angled curve much like the Taser C2 and Kelin Remote Needle Gun, but unlike these units and it’s big brother, the M1 doesn’t rely on stun technology. This diverse Less Lethal Alternative platform has a variety of defensive options to offer it’s handler. The double barrel, over/under configuration fires a pepper bullet cartridge, a pepper powder cartridge, or SOS signal flare. The signal flare has a reach of 100 meters, the pepper ball can strike out at 12-15 meters, and the pepper powder cartridge is useful for disabling multiple targets at a close ranges of 3-5 meters. An optional high beam light cartridge can also be deployed for 60 minutes of continues use at 30 meters and can be used as a disorientation strobe device. The Raysun M1 has a laser sight for aiming as well as a small LED light for darker areas. It’s safety features include a red light indicator and a safety buzzer to let the user know the system is activated and armed. It’s dimensions measure 125x55x30 mm, for a fairly compact self-defense unit. The standard package includes the M1 unit, 3 mode LED cartridge x1, Pepper bullet cartridge x 1, Pepper powder cartridge x 3, one soft carrying case, and one belt holster. A rechargeable battery is optional, other optional ammo types include paintball and rubber bullets. The unit comes in a red/black or gray/white color scheme. I have attempted to find a U.S. dealer of this product but have been unable to do so yet. I will keep you posted on further details.

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ARMA 100

One of the latest innovations in less lethal defense for both professionals and consumers seeking to protect themselves and their homes comes in a form of an old pirate weapon reinvented in the form of the ARMA 100. The ARMA 100 is essentially the 21st century blunderbuss, a handheld canon that is capable of spitting out just about anything you cram down it’s hatch and delivering a punch at close range. This less lethal alternative can reach out and touch a threat at a distance of 20 feet and has been tested by law enforcement professionals as well as featured on the CMT show Dog & Beth On The Hunt. The device uses operator-loaded cartridges that contain a reusable bean bag round and a nitrogen cylinder. A user can have multiple cartridges ready for use and quick reload as each cartridge is single shot. The overall length is 18 inches long and it weighs 1.5 lbs (empty). As a propellant the ARMA 100 uses a single shot 23gram nitrogen cylinder and fires projectiles up to 37mm out of it’s muzzle. The ARMA 100 is legal in all 50 states.

arma 100 less lethal launcher

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Defenzia M09


A new less lethal solution has just been become available to law enforcement agencies in the United States. A company called Defenzia was just earlier this year cleared by the ATF to started selling and distributing it’s Defenzia M09 unit to law enforcement agencies across the country. The Defenzia M09 is based off the Russian wasp pistol which provides five different functions in one compact package. The Defenzia M09 provides three defensive capabilities as well as two ideal for search and rescue. On the defensive side the Defenzia M09 features a 55 caliber rubber bullet which is deployed with 90 joules of muzzle energy and is accurate up to thirty-five yards. It also offers an ear-deafening and blinding flash-bang round as well as a pepper gel cartridge which has a range of five meters. Additional features include a multicolor flare and a high-intensity high lumen sky candle for search and rescue. The unit it self is a four-shot, semiautomatic device which fires via an electronic trigger and incorporates a laser for better target acquisition. While the technology is new to the United States, the technology it self is not new. It has been deployed in Israel, Europe, and South American markets for over the last fifteen years. Defenzia is planning on releasing a 50 caliber unit for civilian self defense in late 2016 to U.S. markets.