Frist Strike FSC

The next less lethal alternative to be presented on this page is a solution that could be idle for self defense at home as well as on the go. A company called First Strike sells high-end paintball equipment which also includes .68 caliber paintball markers (guns). One of their most recent products is the First Strike FSC which is a compact paintball pistol platform. It uses compressed gas to propel rounds down range. The less lethal self defense application utilizing paintball guns comes from the various types of rounds that are available for this purpose. Standard paintball rounds are not meant for self defense purposes but there are a variety of other options for users to load into these paintball markers which will make them effective as less lethal self defense options. Some of these include pepper powder balls which will provide the equivalent effect to pepper spray but with much greater distances than standard pepper spray aerosol cans. Another option is glass breaker rounds which are typically hard nylon filled projectiles meant to penetrate automobile windshields. There are also other less lethal .68 caliber rounds that are rubber coated metal balls that can be deployed through platforms like the FSC. The First Strike FSC is designed to have a smaller, modular grip frame and shorter overall length. The FSC can be powered by 8 gram or 12 gram Co2 cartridges (with use of T8.1/T9.1 Magazine) and HPA and accepts 8.1/9.1 barrels making this one of the most customizable platforms on the market. The FSC accepts many existing T8.1/T9.1 accessories so you can build your platform to help you in various self defense scenarios. Features also include a 20% smaller grip than standard 8.1 pistol. Packages typically ship out with two 6 round magazines included. The FSC also has an under mount rail, Mil-Spec textured grip, and a micro-honed barrel. The company PepperBall sells almost an identical version for law enforcement less lethal application called the TCP. The FSC is the civilian version of this platform. This FSC package retails for around $350.00.

first strike fsc less lethal alternative

Anti-Riot Stun Pistol

The next less lethal alternative to be discussed on this website comes from a company called SANG MIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD which is based in Taiwan. The company’s Titan line specializes in a variety of self defense weapons that are less lethal. One of these weapons is the Anti-Riot Stun Pistol. This weapon combines options of other pepper ball style launchers with that of electric stun capability. The weapon is relatively small and made from T6 aluminum alloy. It functions of of compressed air or CO2 like may other less lethal launcher systems.  It is magazine fed and provide the user with the options of firing pepper balls, hard rubber balls (riot balls), and electric bullets that have a self contained 9V battery. The electric bullets are rechargeable. The weapon is capable of engaging targets at a distance of 30 meters, or, 98 feet. The weapon measures just slightly over 8.5 inches in length and uses the 12g CO2 cartridges. front grips and laser sights can be added to the system for better accuracy and handling.

SM6088 Anti-Riot Stun Pistol



The long awaited Defenzia M11 less lethal firearm is now finally available for consumer sales. Defenzia LLC has officially started pre sales for the Defenzia M11 .50 caliber less lethal firearm. Now through the beginning of December 2017 buyers can take advantage of $150.00 off of the regular MSRP of $650.00. The weapon provides four .50 caliber rubber bullets to the user. The weapon is electronically fired and works off it’s own pizo-electric trigger. This means that the firearm never needs a battery or charging in order for it to work as intended. The weapon also has an integrated laser sight to aid the user in low-light aiming conditions.

This weapon also has multiple uses in professional private sector use. Professionals working in bail enforcement, fugitive recovery, and private security often need reliable less lethal technology to tackle threats out in the field. The Defenzia M11 provides four times the engagement distance of current projectile stun weapons. In most case current projectile stun weapons only offer one shot to the user, but the Defenzia M11 provides four shots in order to stop a threat.

The proprietary ammunition used by the Defenzia M11 also ensures that no cross-contamination with traditional and conventional ammunition ever occurs during the use of this weapon. The manufacturer claims that the weapon is less lethal as long as it’s targeted at the center mass of the target. The weapon can still cause serious bodily injury even when used as directed, however the possibility of a lethal outcome is reduced when compared to current traditional firearms.


Click here to learn more and explore possibilities with the Defenzia M11.

Bruzer Less Lethal

Here is another less lethal launcher that we can be proud to say is made right here in the good old USA. The Bruzer less lethal launcher is based on a break-barrel pistol platform which, “uses existing 12 gauge less lethal munitions.  Some of the munitions available include: Kinetic Energy Impact, Chemical, Signaling, and Muzzle Blast munitions. These munitions are available from a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores.  By changing the munitions, you can dynamically alter the function in which the Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform operates. The appearance of Bruzer is all about intimidation. Visually, Bruzer with its flat black exterior and large bore stainless steel barrels, command respect.”-Bruzer Less Lethal

Although I do not personally own one of these units, everything I’ve read and seen about this less lethal launcher looks promising. Some of the PROS of this unit is that it is concealable, offers customizing options ( i.e. laser or tac-light),  available with orange barrels (for law enforcement identification as less lethal), and it offers it’s user two shots to take down a potential threat. It uses a single action operating mechanism which allows the user time to decide if a second shot is necessary to subdue the threat. As always it’s a good idea to check with your local state and city police departments to see about any restrictions of owning a NFA less lethal launcher.

This unit’s MSRP is $650.00

less lethal alternatives


This past weekend I was excited to find yet another producer of Less Lethal Alternatives that makes less lethal launchers. The name of the company is Scarab Arms based out of Las Vegas Nevada and they produce a less lethal launcher, the TGR2 which mimics a sleek semi automatic assault carbine. The TGR2 is used by military and police for real life training scenarios and less lethal applications, but is also available for civilian purchase. Their product seems well designed and is made of a durable light-weight T6 Aluminum alloy. It’s power source, CO2 or compressed gas tank, lies tucked away in the butt stock of the weapon and produces a claimed 300 fps muzzle velocity with a working tank pressures between 300 to 1000 PSI. The TGR2 accepts a variety of .68 caliber magazines from a variety of makers which all accommodate different less lethal loads from glass breaker, pava powder, rubber ball, and marking rounds. The unit also has the capability of firing fin-stabilized projectiles. The unit comes with high quality iron sights and rail mount system for the addition of targeting accessories.

This unit’s MSRP is $699.00 USD

less lethal gun

Flash Ball Impact Launcher

Our next Less Lethal Weapon System comes to us from French hunting firearm manufacturer Verney Carron and their take on a civilian less lethal weapons platform. Now at first glance the Verney Carron Flash Ball launcher may look like a toy, a cross between Super Soaker and Nerf. But make no mistake, you DO NOT want to be on the business end of this 44 mm impact launcher. The civilian model has twin side by side barrels allowing for two shots, features a break open loading mechanism, and is made of composite materials. The most common round fired by this innocent looking beast is the 44 mm rubber ball which is projected using a pyrotechnic charge much like that of a real firearm. The impact is equivalent to that of a .38 special but the impact radius is more spread out thus not penetrating the target’s skin. Other types of ammunition loads available on this system are the soft rubber buck-shots, dye ball, and tear powder ball. Verney Carron has recently released a NEW CS gas round, but I believe this is strictly for law enforcement applications. All the test videos I have found and research that I have done would suggest that this is indeed an effective less lethal weapon system.

The system features double handles for easy control and handling by the user and external hammers for easy cocking. The Flash Ball launcher is just under 15 inches in length. I have contacted the U.S. distributer for Verney Carron in hopes that they can tell me if this system is available to the American consumer yet and if so how much the system is selling for. I will keep you posted when I find out.

less lethal alternatives

FN 303

Ok folks, here we have a devastatingly beautiful less lethal weapon that hits like a hammer. The FN 303. This less lethal weapon system is designed by weapon manufacturer FN Herstal who is headquartered in Herstal Belgium and makes serious firepower for police and militaries around the world. The good people at FN Herstal realized a need for an effective less lethal option for civilians and police alike so they came up with the FN 303 and got in on the market while it’s still growing. The FN 303 looks like something out of a science-fiction movie, it’s sleek polymer design provides several handling options for it’s user. The weapon system is a bit bigger than the one’s we’ve talked about earlier, thus it is not ideal for concealed carry, but great for the application of in-home defense. The FN 303 utilizes a 15 shot drum magazine that can be loaded with four different .68 caliber impact loads to stop an intruder in his tracks. First we have the standard impact round which may break skin and severely  bruise the attacker. Second we’ve got the impact plus indelible paint which is good for marking the intruder incase he gets away so that police can find him staggering down the street. Third we’ve got the impact plus irritant, this round contains a form of OC spray in it, so the intruder doesn’t only get beat up but suffers an inability to see or breath normally as well. And fourth, we’ve got the impact plus washable paint also used for marking targets. To top it all off the FN 303 spits its payload out at a nice 300 FPS ( feet per second) with semi-automatic fire. The over all length is 29 inches and it does come with iron sights as well as a top-mount accessory rail where you can mount a nice EOtech sight. The effective reach of the weapon system is approximately 50 meters and each CO2 bottle contains at 110 shots before needing to be refilled. The one draw back of this system, other than it’s size, is the cost of the unit and it’s ammunition. On a personal note I do not own this unit, but would love for FN Herstal to send me a unit so that I can properly test it and give my readers my direct results. Keep checking back to this post for further updates.

I’ve seen this unit sell at online vendors for  $780.00

less lethal alternatives


Safegom Less Lethal Pistol

Tall structures, wine, and fine art are amongst the things France is known for, but they are also one of the world’s leaders in less lethal technology. SAFEGOM is a .38 caliber revolver that utilizes cylinders which are factory preloaded with less lethal rubber ammunition and is manufactured by Humbert CTTS. The projectile is fired using a standard pyrotechnic charge just like a regular firearm, but due to the safety precautions taken at the factory level this weapon will not fire lethal ammunition. Each replaceable cylinder has six round rubber .38 caliber shots which leave the muzzle at approximately 1,100 FPS (feet per second). The revolver frame is made from a light metal alloy and the unit features a double action firing mechanism which can also be used in single action. There are currently two variations, a short barrel and a magnum. This unit is for sale to civilians in Europe, but I have been unable to locate an American distributer for SAFEGOM. I will keep you posted on further updates regarding this Less Lethal Alternative.

The unit’s MSRP is around 250.00 Euros.

less lethal pistol