The RAP4 468

It’s been a while since I came across a real neat or unique marker that could be used for both real-sim training as well as self defense. Today I found the RAP4 468, a marker which is tough as nails and copies the muscle memory from an M4/M16 rifle. The RAP4 468 has a two-part receiver just like the traditional M4 rifle and allows for full customization with ability to swap the entire upper receiver including the barrel, hand guard, and any accessories attached to the hand guard for another specially-outfitted upper receiver in seconds.

The RAP4 468 is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and made in the USA. It’s been said to be the most field durable and dependable marker to date and features many newer innovations which include; Authentic split-receiver design, front and rear combat sights, optional air system, and Lok-Bolt Anti Chop System.

The RAP4 468 can be utilized for less lethal self defense application by switching from standard paintball rounds to specifically designed self defense rounds which contain Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which is commonly referred to as pepper powder as well as hard hitting glass breaker projectile which are .68 caliber hard ceramic balls or rubber coated glass balls. For homes that don’t want traditional firearms in the house, the RAP4 468 seems to be a relatively practical and effective solution for defense. The RAP4 468 comes with a five year factory warranty and and a 14 round DMAG magazine.

less lethal carbine



The SAGE Deuce

An American company called Sage International LTD produces a vast number of less lethal pyrotechnic launchers, including a design by the name of Deuce. This intimidating beast was developed for SWAT, private security, and military peace-keeping missions for use when less lethal force is applicable. The unit features an over/under double barrel configuration and comes in three variations; a 40MM (40x46MM NATO), a 37MM Sage Rifled/ARWEN 37®, and a 37MM Smooth Bore. The Deuce’s overall length measures 29.5 inches and it weighs 6.5 lbs. The Deuce has two flip up calibrated front-sights for 20/40 meters or 60/80 meters and flip-up calibrated rear-sight with ghost ring aperture. The Deuce features multiple safety features as well to prevent misfire; cross block trigger safety and striker lock safety as well as a drop safe, even in the “fire” position. The Deuce also has a nice tactical stock and tactical rails for mounting additional accessories. The Deuce has several great defensive load options such as the muzzle blast, smoke, irritant, and .60 cal rubber buck-shot just to name a few. I have contacted the manufacturer to see how the everyday Joe might get his hands on one of these less lethal cannons and to find out what the asking price is. Keep checking back for updates on this unit.

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