Reck King Cobra

This next bit of less lethal technology comes to us from a German company called RECK INTERNATIONAL who develops sporting goods such as air rifles, paintball markers, as well as self defense products one of which is called the King Cobra. This fearsome snake sits on an intimidating revolver platform and features fix blade sights and a grooved rubber grip for recoil control. The King Cobra features a double loading fire mechanism; first one has to load six 9MM / .380 blank cartridges (so they fire using a pyrotechnic charge) in the revolver cylinder and then muzzle load each 18 MM round rubber projectile every time the gun is fired. The muzzle blast generates 20 joules of force and has an effective distance of five meters. So far I’ve only been able to find European retailers selling this less lethal device, but some of them will ship to the U.S.

I’ve seen this product retailing for around 200 Euros.

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