The next Less Lethal Alternative comes out of China and made by a company called Shenzhen Senxunda Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. The SXD – X5 is a multi-purpose stun gun with capable of firing various replaceable electric probe (taser like darts), pepper powder, pepper balls, and rubber balls. The X5 is also capable of recording device activation. One piece construction with spare cartridge slot and picatinny rail to extend applications by adding other tactical accessories. The X5 is made from high impact ABS composites. It has a total length of 210mm with cartridge. The power supply is a rechargeable 7.4V lithium battery. It features a high voltage electric shock output of 75kV above, current below 750uA, with a complex shaped pulse. The X5 has an integrated red laser sight to aid in quick target acquisition.  The safety mechanism is a Power on/off switch. A lanyard which is attached to the back of the device is connected to an automatic kill-switch that deactivates the unit when unplugged and prevents the X5 from being used against the owner. The weapon’s cycle time is 5 seconds electric shock when the trigger is pulled. The weapon needs to be reactivated through the on/off switch after three continuous electric cycles. The indicator has a green light which will turn to red when the power. Interactive flashing of red and green light lets the user know the weapon system is on standby mode. The built-in calendar recording device for electric shock to memory over 600 time and date information of each device activation.

less lethal alternatives SXD-X5

KELIN Remote Needle Electric Stun Gun

Our next Less Lethal Alternative is a Chinese ECD produced by a company called Kelin. Kelin manufactures a wide range of products for military and police use ranging from body armor to compliance tools. The Kelin ECD is called the, “Remote Needle Electric Stun Gun”, but for the purposes of this post we’ll refer to it as the Kelin ECD. The Kelin ECD has a similar shape to that of the Taser C2, but unlike the Taser C2 this unit has a protruding cartridge not a recessed one. Much like the Taser M26C, X26C, and Phazzer ECDs the Kelin ECD’s cartridge is manually inserted and ejected. The unit features an external laser mount at the top of the frame as well as a rechargeable battery pack. The unit has an effective reach of five meters to deal with any oncoming threats with it’s projected electric needles. I have attempted to locate more information about this product online, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. I know that other Kelin models are available to the American consumer online, but haven’t found the Kelin ECD. I have sent a request to the manufacturer for more information as well as details on how the American consumer can buy the Kelin ECD. As soon as I find out I will let you know!

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Taser X2

From the world’s leader in ECD technology comes another great achievement in less lethal technology. The Taser X2 and X3 Less Lethal Alternatives are semi-automatic devices that offer multiple shots prior to reload. The X2 and X3 were developed ,”by law enforcement for law enforcement”, and is the most advanced product in the infamous Taser lineup. Before this product was released to the professional market it had spent six years in research and development and been put through more than 3000 hours of validation testing. The unit features a double laser for greater accuracy than ever before, it’s improved power magazine allows for 500 firings, the unit is virtually weather proof made to work in any conditions, it features a self diagnostic application that determines if the device is ready and safe for use, Current Metering technology ensures that the appropriate amount of current gets deployed for maximum effectiveness while considering safety, and it also has a tactical accessory interface. Aside from all of the most cutting edge technology that this unit brings to the table, it’s appearance lacks no sex appeal. The unit is extremely sleek with sharp edges and ergonomic curves in all the right places. It boasts a comfortably contoured grip for your hand, recessed cartridges, ambidextrous thumb safety, and looks like a prop from the latest SciFi movie. Available in the black and black and yellow color configurations. At this time the unit is only available to law enforcement and military. The X2 version is a double shot model and is slightly thinner than its twin brother the X3 which offers three shots prior to reload.

Taser X2 MSRP is $1,100.00

Taser X3 MSRP is $1,599.95

taser x2

Phazzer Enforcer

Although the company refers to its products as CEWs ( Conductive Energy Weapons) Phazzer is one of the newer players in the ECD market.  Their staple product is the Phazzer Enforcer which is a very nice looking less lethal weapon. The Phazzer Enforcer is also built on a standard size pistol frame, but offers some very nice additional features that the Taser M26C doesn’t incorporate. The first noticeable difference is the pistol grip with has a checkered back side for slip resistance and grooved finger slots for a firm grip. Like the Taser M26C, the Phazzer Enforcer has a nice built-in laser sight but it also offers a built-in LED flash light for operation in low-light conditions. The unit uses a built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t need to worry about buying additional batteries for this unit. The Phazzer Enforcer fires two electrode probes from a single cartridge at a distance of 15 feet which can penetrate up to two inches of clothing and cycles its amps in five-second intervals allowing the users time to escape a hostile situation while the target remains incapacitated. The Phazzer company was very intuitive in designing it’s products allowing them to take on multiple functions from a single platform, “PhaZZer offers six variations of ammunition cartridges including: Dart Pro 15 foot (4.5 meter); Dart Pro 21 foot (6.4 meter) LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY; PepperBall® 30 foot (9.1 meter); Rubber Bullet 30 foot (9.1 meter); Paint Ball Mark 30 foot (9.1 meter); Multi-Target Pepper Powder 8 foot (2.6 meter); Dart Pro Non-Conductive Wire Training 15 foot (4.5 meter) and Dart Pro Non-Conductive Wire Training 21 foot (6.4 meter) LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY.” – Phazzer Website.

Phazzer has matched the replacement policy of Taser International by offering a free lifetime replacement policy if you ever have to use your device in an actual emergency and submit a police report to the company within a year’s time. On a personal note, I do not own one of these units but have requested that the company send me an evaluation unit to test for my self. Keep checking back to this post for further updates.

projectile stun weapon


The Dual Defense System

Here is yet another interesting Less Lethal Alternative called The Dual Defense System which works much like a traditional air-taser with projectile electric darts but this unit retails for about half as much. The Dual Defense System utilizes a single-shot disposable projectile cartridge that shoots out two electric darts that’s can penetrate leather out to a distance of 17 feet while the traditional civilian Taser M26C and X26C has a limit of 15 feet. This unit can also be used as a regular drive stun weapon when the projectile cartridge has been spent. This unit works off of regular 9-V batteries that you can purchase at any grocery or pharmacy close to home. The Dual Defense System is small enough to be easily concealable in your cargo shorts or handbag. I have attached a test document of this unit to this posting as a PDF download. This unit is legal to carry in many states without a permit but you should always consult your local law enforcement agency prior to carry.

less lethal alternatives

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