G8 PRO V2 by Guardian 8

Here comes a new high tech tool for the everyday civilian and security professional, a tool made for hostile de-escilation without lethal force. The G8 PRO V2 by Guardian 8, may be the most high tech Less Lethal Alternative on the market, even if it’s not on the actual market quite yet. This unit features a high intensity strobe, high frequency personal alarm, OC spray, laser aim, day and night camera, play back features, and command center communication via Blue Tooth link. So if you’re in the professional security field and need a tool to back actions of force with the ability to record necessary proof of force, then this tool may be right for you. The one early criticism I have about this unit is that it claims that the OC spray has a reach of up to 10 feet, so this area leaves something to be desired and may be addressed later on in the future. Despite the unit’s minimal range of ¬†stopping power it does have many proven pieces of less lethal technology and other tech all wrapped up in one fairly compact device. The unit is scheduled for release sometime in the 4th quarter of 2012 and it’s MSRP has not yet been released. I have sent a formal request for further information to Guardian 8 and will keep you posted on further developments.

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For more info visit: www.guardian8.com