Cobra Stun Light

Welcome back! For our next less lethal defensive tool I have chosen to write about a tool that’s not only handy for self defense but practical as well. Named after the fearsome and venomous spitting Cobra, The Cobra 2 by Cobra Stun Light acts both as a practical high-lumen LED flash flight and as an effective OC delivery system. The Cobra 2 features an airplane-grade aluminum body along with a non-slip rubber grip for firm control over the unit. When the Cobra 2 gets defensive it triggers a high-intensity strobe light to disorient an assailant, but that is only half of its bite. The second half stings much more. The Cobra 2 features a hidden OC spray with is triggered by a concealed button on the frame of the unit. The OC spray allows for 2-3 shots per canister and is refillable with a fresh OC canister. With a built-in laser sight for stream accuracy and an effective distance of 20 feet, this system can hold off attackers. The OC irritant can be felt almost immediately causing severe burning of the eyes and throat that lasts for several minutes. The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and allows up to four hours of continuos runtime at low beam operation. The unit is both water and shock resistant and features a low battery indicator. I have contacted the manufacturer to find out how the American consumer can get their hands on this unit. I will keep you posted.

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