MACE Pepper Gun 2.0

MACE has recently released a new design of their original Pepper Spray Gun called the Pepper Gun 2.0. This item’s new design features the same functionality as the previous design but is meant to provide a more tactical look. The redesigned version has a picatinny rail system at the top of the weapon which allows the user to attached accessories such as a laser mount. The weapon uses a replaceable 28 gram pepper spray cartridge, each cartridge provides approximately seven spray cycles and has a reach of up to 20 feet. The MACE Pepper Gun 2.0 features a self defense strobe light which can disorient attackers and is activated by the pull of the trigger. The 10% OC/pepper spray also contains UV dye so that assailants can be identified by police. Upon direct contact with eyes, respiratory system and mucous membranes, the active ingredients in the pepper spray will cause eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to the skin. Effects should lessen in approximately 45 minutes. This item comes in a black and orange color scheme as to identify it as a less lethal weapon and has various accessory options such as holsters.

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RESTRICTED STATES:This item not available for shipment to residents in NY, MA, DC, and other states may apply. Residents in NY, MA, DC may purchase Mace® pepper spray from a locally authorized reseller as per state requirements. Some restrictions may apply



Our next item on the agenda is the SabreRed Spit Fire, the most advanced key chain OC delivery system available to consumers on todays market. It can be deployed with less effort and greater accuracy from your hip or over your shoulder for maximum safety. The Spitfire unit is also refillable using . SabreRed is the number one brand Used by police worldwide including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s & US Marshals to name a few. It’s made in the U.S. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. It’s immediately accessible and presents a great value with a 4 year expiration date from date of manufacture where many others have a shelf life of 2 years. Quick release key ring is included. Weight of the Spitfire is 0.21 ounces with approximately 8 bursts at 6-8 feet and features a cone spray pattern with a point of aim to the center of face. To maximize your safety SabreRed has provided access to FREE how to use video. The unit comes in many colors for you fashion forward individuals. This item is not for sale in some states.

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G8 PRO V2 by Guardian 8

Here comes a new high tech tool for the everyday civilian and security professional, a tool made for hostile de-escilation without lethal force. The G8 PRO V2 by Guardian 8, may be the most high tech Less Lethal Alternative on the market, even if it’s not on the actual market quite yet. This unit features a high intensity strobe, high frequency personal alarm, OC spray, laser aim, day and night camera, play back features, and command center communication via Blue Tooth link. So if you’re in the professional security field and need a tool to back actions of force with the ability to record necessary proof of force, then this tool may be right for you. The one early criticism I have about this unit is that it claims that the OC spray has a reach of up to 10 feet, so this area leaves something to be desired and may be addressed later on in the future. Despite the unit’s minimal range of  stopping power it does have many proven pieces of less lethal technology and other tech all wrapped up in one fairly compact device. The unit is scheduled for release sometime in the 4th quarter of 2012 and it’s MSRP has not yet been released. I have sent a formal request for further information to Guardian 8 and will keep you posted on further developments.

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Cobra Stun Light

Welcome back! For our next less lethal defensive tool I have chosen to write about a tool that’s not only handy for self defense but practical as well. Named after the fearsome and venomous spitting Cobra, The Cobra 2 by Cobra Stun Light acts both as a practical high-lumen LED flash flight and as an effective OC delivery system. The Cobra 2 features an airplane-grade aluminum body along with a non-slip rubber grip for firm control over the unit. When the Cobra 2 gets defensive it triggers a high-intensity strobe light to disorient an assailant, but that is only half of its bite. The second half stings much more. The Cobra 2 features a hidden OC spray with is triggered by a concealed button on the frame of the unit. The OC spray allows for 2-3 shots per canister and is refillable with a fresh OC canister. With a built-in laser sight for stream accuracy and an effective distance of 20 feet, this system can hold off attackers. The OC irritant can be felt almost immediately causing severe burning of the eyes and throat that lasts for several minutes. The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and allows up to four hours of continuos runtime at low beam operation. The unit is both water and shock resistant and features a low battery indicator. I have contacted the manufacturer to find out how the American consumer can get their hands on this unit. I will keep you posted.

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Tiger Light T-100

The T-100 by Tiger Light is a new OC delivery system for civilian use that is legal in all 50 states (according to the company). Tiger Light has been producing tactical lighting units for police and military for sometime now, but just recently developed a new compact system for the everyday Joe or Jane. This unit incorporates a high-powered flash light that can blind an attacker, a strobe light that can be used to disorient, as well as a concealed OC spray unit that fires out twice as fast as standard OC sprays and has an operational distance of 10-12 feet. The unit features a rechargeable battery pack as well as replaceable spray cartridges. The recommended operating technique is to blind the attacker first using the bright light so they turn their head away, then when you flip the unit over to use the OC spray the attacker will look at you once the light is out of their face and thats when you deploy the system. OC spray will cause itching and burning of eyes and skin, as well as inability to breath.

A starting kit including one T-100, 2 practice cartridges, 2 live cartridges, self defense instructional DVD, wrist strap, and battery charger are selling on Amazon for $125.00

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ACE CO Microshot

The AceCo MicroShot is one of the newest Less Lethal Alternatives on the market, machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum right here in the U.S. The idea behind this device is that in a high pressure self defense scenario aiming this device would come very naturally to most people who have ever held or fired a pistol. This device is compact and rugged as well as easy to load and uses Saber Red pepper spray. Each replaceable pepper spray canister provides 4-6 half-second sprays or a continuous spray depending on the user’s trigger motion. It weighs only 12oz loaded and has a 12 lbs trigger pull. Unfortunately like most aerosol pepper spray devices, the AceCo MicroShot only has a range of six feet and is effected by wind conditions. However, the unit does have a lifetime warranty and in several color variations.

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MACE Pepper Spray Gun

Due to a large number of Less Lethal Alternative readers having expressed interest in this item I have now decided to do a product write up on the MACE Pepper Spray Gun. The Item uses a replaceable 28 gram pepper spray cartridge, each cartridge provides approximately seven spray cycles and has a reach of up to 20 feet. The MACE Pepper Spray Gun features a self defense strobe light which can disorient attackers and is activated by the pull of the trigger. The 10% OC/pepper spray also contains UV dye so that assailants can be identified by police. This item comes in a wide variety of colors and has various accessory options such as holsters.

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Little Viper OC Spray

This next Less Lethal Alternative is perhaps the first of it’s kind; a fashion bracelet that hides in plain sight. The Little Viper is a new less lethal self defense item designed to be worn at all times. To the unknowing eye it just looks like a piece of not so flattering fashion jewelry, so nobody will be trying to rob you for it. On the other hand… it is meant to be openly carried and worn so that the user will have it ready at less than a moments notice. The Little Viper is designed to be unisex, only weighs 1oz, and comes in both black and pink. The very limited range of the pepper/ 10% OC spray mix is only three feet so the attacker pretty much has to be grabbing you before you can effectively use it and in outdoor inclement weather conditions where wind might be a factor you could also be risking cross contamination. The Little Viper’s small OC canister will deliver between 3-6 blasts and is weather resistant for people who like to run  and do other outdoors activities. The bracelet strap will expand out to 8.5 inches to accommodate most wearers.

little viper self defense spray

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Kimber Pepper Blaster 2

Our next item up for review was just sent to me by the nice people over at Kimber to write a review on. For those of you who are firearm enthusiasts as well you may know the name Kimber as a maker of fine firearms many of which you won’t be able to take out of the display case for less than $1K. Kimber has in recent years diversified their business to include a newer line of less lethal self-defense products known as Pepper Blasters which are small two shot OC Spray devices. Their latest device is the Pepper Blaster 2 which features a new pistol style grip for your middle finger to grab onto. This gives the device more of an actual pistol feel when aiming through the fixed front and rear sights which comes natural to many people who have ever shot a handgun as an adult of played duck hunt as a kid. The design also makes it practical for right or left-handed operators. There is a safety tab in the middle of the trigger guard that can be pressed either left or right, but is a good preventative for an accidental discharge. The size is roughly that of an 80’s music cassette tape. What sets this device apart from the rest is that it is not an aerosol propelled spray, but a pyrotechnic charge that delivers the payload at a whopping 90 MPH. This means that it can penetrate ski masks that assailants may be wearing or wrap around sunglasses they may have to conceal their identity. Each shot contains a 6ml OC solution charge that is 10% oleoresin. There is also a hole at the bottom of the Pepper Blaster 2 where one can fit a wrist strap or lanyard for control over the device. Since the device is fired using pyrotechnic charges it is highly recommended that you activate the device with at least two feet of space between the firing nozzles and the target’s face, but if you find yourself in a justifiable situation (LIFE OR DEATH) don’t hesitate… point-blank it if necessary. The device has a firing range of about thirteen feet and can seriously incapacitate an attacker for about 40 minutes causing extreme burning to the eyes and skin as well as difficulty in breathing. The Pepper Blaster 2 comes in a nice Kimber marked tin box and the product has a shelf life of about five years. The product is made in Switzerland under American patents and comes in red and gray.

The product sells at many online retailers for about $40 USD.

Kimber Pepper Blaster

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Tornado O.C. Spray

One of mother nature’s scariest moments can be experienced in the awesome force of tornadoes and with this in mind one company based a less lethal self-defense design around this terrifying phenomenon. Meet the Tornado OC delivery system, a 3 in 1 self-protection unit. The good people over at Tornado sent me an evaluation unit to test for my self so that I could give my readers the first hand account. There are two different units the “3 in 1″ and “5 in 1″, I don’t really know where they got the names from because the “5 in 1″ is really a 3 in 1 self-defense unit. The Tornado unit is small and light and comes with a belt clip and jogging arm band so you can take it with you where ever you are going. The unit is a two-part unit, the carrier and the actual self-defense unit which locks into the carrier. The “5 in 1″ features two additional self-defense items which I would highly recommend that you get if you are looking to purchase the Tornado unit. It features a high intensity strobe light to disorient an attacker as well as an ear-piercing high frequency alarm which is automatically activated once the Tornado unit has been released from it’s carrier. The alarm feature is one that I particularly like because it attracts a lot of attention, attention that any attacker won’t want. The self-defense unit is released from it’s carrier in a split second and the only way to turn off the alarm is to return it into the carrier. The Tornado has a reach of 12 – 15 feet and all of their units come with the law enforcement strength of 2 million Scoville heat units. The actual spray nozzle is angled at 82 degrees rather than 90 degrees like traditional OC sprays, this allows for less restriction in the dispersion of the spray.

You might find some units stamped with the Ruger logo that appear similar to those bearing the Tornado logo, don’t worry, they are the exact same thing just one is marketed towards the firearms community. On a personal note my wife and sister-in-law both own this unit.

The “3 in 1″ unit’s MSRP is $15.95

The “5 in 1″ unit’s MSRP is $29.95, **recommended and tested 1st hand.


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