Operator Molle Vest

While on the search for reliable and affordable personal safety and body armor products, Less Lethal Alternatives came across a company called Kurotadori. Kurotadori specializes in a wide range of body armors which are all custom made for the individual purchaser. The Operator Molle Vest is one of these products, made with 600 Denier Nylon rip stop carrier and Teijin Twaron ballistics. While the Operator Molle Vest looks like a tactical plate carrier it is actually a level IIIA soft body armor capable of stopping anything from a .22 caliber round to a 44 magnum. The vest offers front, rear, and side protection of vital organs. The Operator Molle Vest also has front and rear pockets for adding AR500 plates for extra protection against rifle rounds. The front and rear pockets have a Velcro strip for adding agency/company patches. The entire vest is setup with molle configuration and allows the wearer to add body cams, flashlights, and other duty gear to the front, rear, and sides. The exterior is capable of being cleaned and the vest’s size is customizable to the wearer. Unlike most body armors the Operator Molle Vest is slipped overhead once the sides have been adjusted to the wearer’s body type. There is an emergency drag handle at the top rear of the vest which can be used to drag an injured individual out of harms way, but this feature also aids in taking off the body armor. The shoulder area is equipped with a Velcro section as well as straps to adjust the fit for the wearer. This great piece of duty gear is available from Kurotadori for $300.00. Every purchase of $250.00 also comes with a Kurotadori cleaning kit and carrying bag.

 The Operator Vest Kurotadori


American Blast Systems

Our next entry into the body armor category comes to us by way of American Blast Systems; a company with thirty-five years of experience in composite, ceramics, and metals for ballistic personnel protection. Amongst the many things American Blast Systems produces is NIJ Level IIIA bulletproof vests capable of stopping 9mm up to a .44 magnum slug. The vest-carrier provides pouches for trauma plates which can accommodate 6×8 trauma pad, 7×9 plate, 8×10 plate and/or a 10×12 plate(depending on the size of the carrier). The back pockets are capable of holding an 8×10 plate and/or a 10×12 plate (depending on the size of the carrier). The body armor also features removable, radial shoulder pads that are constructed of 500 Denier Cordura® and foam to decrease tension on the shoulders and neck. The vest utilizes a full set of MOLLE ( Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) on the front and back with a drag handle for tactical applications. This is useful incase someone equipped with this vest receives an injury which impairs their ability to walk, the drag handles allow a team member or friend to pull the injured person to safety. This body armor carrier is available for civilian purchase through online retailers such as Amazon, armor plates sold separately.

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