Little Viper OC Spray

This next Less Lethal Alternative is perhaps the first of it’s kind; a fashion bracelet that hides in plain sight. The Little Viper is a new less lethal self defense item designed to be worn at all times. To the unknowing eye it just looks like a piece of not so flattering fashion jewelry, so nobody will be trying to rob you for it. On the other hand… it is meant to be openly carried and worn so that the user will have it ready at less than a moments notice. The Little Viper is designed to be unisex, only weighs 1oz, and comes in both black and pink. The very limited range of the pepper/ 10% OC spray mix is only three feet so the attacker pretty much has to be grabbing you before you can effectively use it and in outdoor inclement weather conditions where wind might be a factor you could also be risking cross contamination. The Little Viper’s small OC canister will deliver between 3-6 blasts and is weather resistant for people who like to run  and do other outdoors activities. The bracelet strap will expand out to 8.5 inches to accommodate most wearers.

little viper self defense spray

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