Tiberius Arms T15

The Tiberius Arms T15 is a magazine fed paintball marker which can be converted for less lethal self defense and used as a great training tool. The Tiberius T15 is the first marker of its kind, offering a true .68 caliber 1:1 AR rifle platform for the ultimate in milsim authenticity. The T15 features a tough and durable lightweight aluminum body, built to withstand the harsh conditions and be reliable. The Tiberius T15′ collapsible stock features an integrated 13ci/3000psi aluminum HPA tank. The T15 can be operated with a standard hopper for increased ammunition capacity or mag fed. The Tiberius T15‘s continuous feed magazines can hold 19 First Strike Rounds or 20 glass breaker or PAVA rounds. The system features the T15’s precision-made barrel incorporates a hand guard with multiple aluminum 7/8″ tac rails for mounting bipods, scopes and other useful tactical accessories. Flip-up sights, red dot optics, and laser sights can also be added to this platform for better targeting acquisition. The Tiberius Arms T15 can provide the ultimate milsim immersion experience as well as provide great capabilities in long range less lethal defense when equipped with the proper ammunition such as hard glass breaker rounds or chemical PAVA rounds.

less lethal gun


This past weekend I was excited to find yet another producer of Less Lethal Alternatives that makes less lethal launchers. The name of the company is Scarab Arms based out of Las Vegas Nevada and they produce a less lethal launcher, the TGR2 which mimics a sleek semi automatic assault carbine. The TGR2 is used by military and police for real life training scenarios and less lethal applications, but is also available for civilian purchase. Their product seems well designed and is made of a durable light-weight T6 Aluminum alloy. It’s power source, CO2 or compressed gas tank, lies tucked away in the butt stock of the weapon and produces a claimed 300 fps muzzle velocity with a working tank pressures between 300 to 1000 PSI. The TGR2 accepts a variety of .68 caliber magazines from a variety of makers which all accommodate different less lethal loads from glass breaker, pava powder, rubber ball, and marking rounds. The unit also has the capability of firing fin-stabilized projectiles. The unit comes with high quality iron sights and rail mount system for the addition of targeting accessories.

This unit’s MSRP is $699.00 USD

less lethal gun