Bruzer Less Lethal

Here is another less lethal launcher that we can be proud to say is made right here in the good old USA. The Bruzer less lethal launcher is based on a break-barrel pistol platform which, “uses existing 12 gauge less lethal munitions.  Some of the munitions available include: Kinetic Energy Impact, Chemical, Signaling, and Muzzle Blast munitions. These munitions are available from a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores.  By changing the munitions, you can dynamically alter the function in which the Bruzer Less Lethal Launcher Platform operates. The appearance of Bruzer is all about intimidation. Visually, Bruzer with its flat black exterior and large bore stainless steel barrels, command respect.”-Bruzer Less Lethal

Although I do not personally own one of these units, everything I’ve read and seen about this less lethal launcher looks promising. Some of the PROS of this unit is that it is concealable, offers customizing options ( i.e. laser or tac-light),  available with orange barrels (for law enforcement identification as less lethal), and it offers it’s user two shots to take down a potential threat. It uses a single action operating mechanism which allows the user time to decide if a second shot is necessary to subdue the threat. As always it’s a good idea to check with your local state and city police departments to see about any restrictions of owning a NFA less lethal launcher.

This unit’s MSRP is $650.00

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