The long awaited Defenzia M11 less lethal firearm is now finally available for consumer sales. Defenzia LLC has officially started pre sales for the Defenzia M11 .50 caliber less lethal firearm. Now through the beginning of December 2017 buyers can take advantage of $150.00 off of the regular MSRP of $650.00. The weapon provides four .50 caliber rubber bullets to the user. The weapon is electronically fired and works off it’s own pizo-electric trigger. This means that the firearm never needs a battery or charging in order for it to work as intended. The weapon also has an integrated laser sight to aid the user in low-light aiming conditions.

This weapon also has multiple uses in professional private sector use. Professionals working in bail enforcement, fugitive recovery, and private security often need reliable less lethal technology to tackle threats out in the field. The Defenzia M11 provides four times the engagement distance of current projectile stun weapons. In most case current projectile stun weapons only offer one shot to the user, but the Defenzia M11 provides four shots in order to stop a threat.

The proprietary ammunition used by the Defenzia M11 also ensures that no cross-contamination with traditional and conventional ammunition ever occurs during the use of this weapon. The manufacturer claims that the weapon is less lethal as long as it’s targeted at the center mass of the target. The weapon can still cause serious bodily injury even when used as directed, however the possibility of a lethal outcome is reduced when compared to current traditional firearms.


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The RAP4 468

It’s been a while since I came across a real neat or unique marker that could be used for both real-sim training as well as self defense. Today I found the RAP4 468, a marker which is tough as nails and copies the muscle memory from an M4/M16 rifle. The RAP4 468 has a two-part receiver just like the traditional M4 rifle and allows for full customization with ability to swap the entire upper receiver including the barrel, hand guard, and any accessories attached to the hand guard for another specially-outfitted upper receiver in seconds.

The RAP4 468 is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and made in the USA. It’s been said to be the most field durable and dependable marker to date and features many newer innovations which include; Authentic split-receiver design, front and rear combat sights, optional air system, and Lok-Bolt Anti Chop System.

The RAP4 468 can be utilized for less lethal self defense application by switching from standard paintball rounds to specifically designed self defense rounds which contain Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which is commonly referred to as pepper powder as well as hard hitting glass breaker projectile which are .68 caliber hard ceramic balls or rubber coated glass balls. For homes that don’t want traditional firearms in the house, the RAP4 468 seems to be a relatively practical and effective solution for defense. The RAP4 468 comes with a five year factory warranty and and a 14 round DMAG magazine.

less lethal carbine



FN 303

Ok folks, here we have a devastatingly beautiful less lethal weapon that hits like a hammer. The FN 303. This less lethal weapon system is designed by weapon manufacturer FN Herstal who is headquartered in Herstal Belgium and makes serious firepower for police and militaries around the world. The good people at FN Herstal realized a need for an effective less lethal option for civilians and police alike so they came up with the FN 303 and got in on the market while it’s still growing. The FN 303 looks like something out of a science-fiction movie, it’s sleek polymer design provides several handling options for it’s user. The weapon system is a bit bigger than the one’s we’ve talked about earlier, thus it is not ideal for concealed carry, but great for the application of in-home defense. The FN 303 utilizes a 15 shot drum magazine that can be loaded with four different .68 caliber impact loads to stop an intruder in his tracks. First we have the standard impact round which may break skin and severely  bruise the attacker. Second we’ve got the impact plus indelible paint which is good for marking the intruder incase he gets away so that police can find him staggering down the street. Third we’ve got the impact plus irritant, this round contains a form of OC spray in it, so the intruder doesn’t only get beat up but suffers an inability to see or breath normally as well. And fourth, we’ve got the impact plus washable paint also used for marking targets. To top it all off the FN 303 spits its payload out at a nice 300 FPS ( feet per second) with semi-automatic fire. The over all length is 29 inches and it does come with iron sights as well as a top-mount accessory rail where you can mount a nice EOtech sight. The effective reach of the weapon system is approximately 50 meters and each CO2 bottle contains at 110 shots before needing to be refilled. The one draw back of this system, other than it’s size, is the cost of the unit and it’s ammunition. On a personal note I do not own this unit, but would love for FN Herstal to send me a unit so that I can properly test it and give my readers my direct results. Keep checking back to this post for further updates.

I’ve seen this unit sell at online vendors for  $780.00

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A company called Piexon revolutionized the less lethal self-defense market when they released their JPX Jet Defender; a compact two-shot pyrotechnic OC spray launcher. Their technology utilizes a traditional pyrotechnic charge much like a firearm that delivers a payload effectively and accurately up to twenty-three feet. Even though this system uses a pyrotechnic charge it is NOT classified as a firearm by the ATF and thus does not require registration. NOW Piexon has come out with a revamped version of their cutting edge technology called the JPX4 and as the name might suggest this semi-automatic bad-boy packs four shots instead of the classic two shooter. Some key benefits of this less lethal weapon system is that there is no loss of pressure, no shaking of the device prior to use, extended range (23 feet), superior accuracy, no deflection of the OC spray through cross-winds, no batteries to go dead, and less Cross-Contamination. The payload is delivered at a whopping 320 FPS. The new JPX4 comes in two sizes; the standard with a length of 7.57 inches and 5.65 inches tall and the compact version with a length of 7.57 inches and 4.88 inches tall. The standard comes with a built-in laser sight and picatinny MilSpec rail for mounting tactical lights and other accessories. This product is made of high impact resistant polymer in Switzerland.


less lethal alternatives

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Gorilla Rounds

Gorilla Rounds are high-carbon military grade steel .68 caliber projectiles weighing in at 17 grams. At 300 FPS these rounds deliver approximately 71 joules and 52 foot pounds of energy. The proprietary silicone embedded coatings reduce friction (drag) resulting in increased velocity, distance, and less lethal stopping power. With the ability to deliver bone crushing self-protection-shock and awe without fully lethal potential of traditional firearms. Most effective in close quarters up to twenty feet. These may be reused indefinite number of times and fired from any .68 caliber gas-powered marker or launcher. Click on the banner above for additional info.


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Reck King Cobra

This next bit of less lethal technology comes to us from a German company called RECK INTERNATIONAL who develops sporting goods such as air rifles, paintball markers, as well as self defense products one of which is called the King Cobra. This fearsome snake sits on an intimidating revolver platform and features fix blade sights and a grooved rubber grip for recoil control. The King Cobra features a double loading fire mechanism; first one has to load six 9MM / .380 blank cartridges (so they fire using a pyrotechnic charge) in the revolver cylinder and then muzzle load each 18 MM round rubber projectile every time the gun is fired. The muzzle blast generates 20 joules of force and has an effective distance of five meters. So far I’ve only been able to find European retailers selling this less lethal device, but some of them will ship to the U.S.

I’ve seen this product retailing for around 200 Euros.

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A double barreled Italian menace called the GC-54 SAPL is up next for our Less Lethal Alternative review. This impact launcher is produced by Italian sporting arms manufacturer Kimar and features an over/under double barrel configuration. This beast was originally designed for law enforcement use, to provide officers with a less lethal solution, but has since then been adopted by civilians in Europe for self defense application as well. It packs a nice 12×50 SAPL rubber buck shot round, each round containing 12 rubber projectiles that will put a not so nice hurt on whoever is on the business end of this thing when it goes off. The effective range of the GC 54 SAPL is 49 feet or 15 meters, which is more than doubled the average effective range of most consumer ECD weapons such as Tasers. The unit features a double action trigger, has fixed blade sights, and is loaded via break barrel. There is no tactical rail for mounting accessories like lasers or tactical lights. The length of the upper barrel is 6 inches. I have contacted the manufacturer to see how the American consumer may buy one of these. I will let you know what I find out.

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JPX Jet Protector

One common tool that pops into mind when thinking about a less lethal defensive weapon system is OC spray or pepper spray. There are several manufacturers of this defensive weapon system but none that can really match the JPX Jet Protector by Piexon. The JPX Jet Protector is a new and revolutionary OC delivery system, unlike traditional  OC delivery systems that use compressed gas or air to spray it’s intended targets with the irritant solution, the JPX uses a pyrotechnic charge similar to that of a 9MM. This allows the content of the chamber magazine to be extremely effective in almost any weather conditions. When using traditional OC sprays, it is in one’s best interest to make sure they are not spraying the OC spray against the wind, and in heavy rain conditions the traditional system may prove unreliable. Further more, with the traditional aerosol propellant system one often has to use a “Pray and Spray” technique as many of the traditional systems will lack in the areas of accuracy and reach. This new system offered by Piexon in the JPX offers reliable function in any weather, accuracy due to narrow spray pattern and built in laser sight, significant reach ( up to 23 feet at 270 mph), offers two shots to stop an attacker, and is small enough for easy concealment. Since the OC spray is delivered so fast and with such force it easily penetrates face masks. Since the JPX isn’t classified as a firearm most states will allow you to carry this system without a permit. This system is currently in use by several police agencies across the world, and even though this little beauty isn’t made in the USA, it is still quality manufactured in Switzerland. The frame comes in Black ( recommended for law enforcement), Orange, and military OD Green. The system also has a tactical rail for mounting small accessories in front of the trigger guard. On a personal note I bought this system for my mother, she has never been a fan of traditional firearms, but with this system I can rest knowing she has a reliable self defense tool.

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TCR For Less Lethal

Our next impact launcher is a new platform from Indiana based Tippmann who has been manufacturing quality paintball gear and markers right here in the U.S. since 1986. The NEW TCR or Tactical Compact Rifle, is a .68 caliber paintball platform which accepts the First Strike projectiles which are enhanced fin-stabilized projectiles that offer significantly improved accuracy down range. There are companies other than FNH (FN Herstal) that produce fin-stabilized less lethal projectiles that can be used in the TCR. The TCR has many features reminiscent of the HK MP7. The TCR is both a mag-fed as well as hopper fed platform allowing both max capacity or maneuverability in CQC style situations such as in home defense. The unit ships out with two magazines a 12 round extended mag and a standard 7 round mag. The TCR has a tactical/ adjustable stock which can hold a spare mag for quick reload. For less lethal application this unit can have one magazine loaded with impact munitions such as glass breakers or hard rubber balls, while the other is loaded with chemical agents such as pepper powder or pava irritant which causes an assailant’s eyes to close and mucus membranes to cause difficulty in breathing. The TCR platform is VERY customizable with various barrels, optics , and a frame lined with piccatiny rails. The TCR can use CO2 or HPA as a power source. The unit delivers projectiles down range at 330+ fps or 33 joules of energy.

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Strafer MK4

Our next Less Lethal Alternative comes to us from X-CALIBER TACTICAL, a company who sells what has become known as the less lethal machine gun, the Strafer MK4. This beast was precision tooled by Piper’s Precision Products and flaunts an extremely high rate of fire as it’s main benefit to the user. The Strafer MK4 spits out a volley of lead or polymer BBs at a rate of 9,000-10,500 RPM (rounds per minute) which translates into 150-175 rounds per second at muzzle velocities of up to 625 FPS(feet per second). The Strafer’s recommended engagement range is 75 yards, but it’s maximum engagement is at 125 yards. The unit features a hopper capable of holding from 7,200 to 96,000 rounds of ammunition. The body is made from T6061 Aluminum and Nickel-Plated Brass, it has two different barrels to accommodate a 6mm and 4.5mm round, it measures 22.5 inches in length, and weighs seven pounds nine ounces when empty. It uses compressed air, CO2, or DRY N2 as it’s propellent. Currently this unit is being marketed as a riot control device for law enforcement, but is also being sold to regular consumers for recreational shooting. It has been strongly recommended by the manufacturer that this unit, should it be used against a living target, not be aimed at center mass or the head to prevent fatalities and to only use the polymer or plastic BBs in that event. One should fire this weapon at the legs and arms in a swaying side to side motion. The unit is capable of accepting several aftermarket mods including tactical lights, laser sights, red dot sights, and front hand grips through optionally mounted tactical rails on top and bottom of unit.

The unit’s MSRP is $1,125.00

strafer mk4


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