Kimber Pepper Blaster 2

Our next item up for review was just sent to me by the nice people over at Kimber to write a review on. For those of you who are firearm enthusiasts as well you may know the name Kimber as a maker of fine firearms many of which you won’t be able to take out of the display case for less than $1K. Kimber has in recent years diversified their business to include a newer line of less lethal self-defense products known as Pepper Blasters which are small two shot OC Spray devices. Their latest device is the Pepper Blaster 2 which features a new pistol style grip for your middle finger to grab onto. This gives the device more of an actual pistol feel when aiming through the fixed front and rear sights which comes natural to many people who have ever shot a handgun as an adult of played duck hunt as a kid. The design also makes it practical for right or left-handed operators. There is a safety tab in the middle of the trigger guard that can be pressed either left or right, but is a good preventative for an accidental discharge. The size is roughly that of an 80’s music cassette tape. What sets this device apart from the rest is that it is not an aerosol propelled spray, but a pyrotechnic charge that delivers the payload at a whopping 90 MPH. This means that it can penetrate ski masks that assailants may be wearing or wrap around sunglasses they may have to conceal their identity. Each shot contains a 6ml OC solution charge that is 10% oleoresin. There is also a hole at the bottom of the Pepper Blaster 2 where one can fit a wrist strap or lanyard for control over the device. Since the device is fired using pyrotechnic charges it is highly recommended that you activate the device with at least two feet of space between the firing nozzles and the target’s face, but if you find yourself in a justifiable situation (LIFE OR DEATH) don’t hesitate… point-blank it if necessary. The device has a firing range of about thirteen feet and can seriously incapacitate an attacker for about 40 minutes causing extreme burning to the eyes and skin as well as difficulty in breathing. The Pepper Blaster 2 comes in a nice Kimber marked tin box and the product has a shelf life of about five years. The product is made in Switzerland under American patents and comes in red and gray.

The product sells at many online retailers for about $40 USD.

Kimber Pepper Blaster

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