A double barreled Italian menace called the GC-54 SAPL is up next for our Less Lethal Alternative review. This impact launcher is produced by Italian sporting arms manufacturer Kimar and features an over/under double barrel configuration. This beast was originally designed for law enforcement use, to provide officers with a less lethal solution, but has since then been adopted by civilians in Europe for self defense application as well. It packs a nice 12×50 SAPL rubber buck shot round, each round containing 12 rubber projectiles that will put a not so nice hurt on whoever is on the business end of this thing when it goes off. The effective range of the GC 54 SAPL is 49 feet or 15 meters, which is more than doubled the average effective range of most consumer ECD weapons such as Tasers. The unit features a double action trigger, has fixed blade sights, and is loaded via break barrel. There is no tactical rail for mounting accessories like lasers or tactical lights. The length of the upper barrel is 6 inches. I have contacted the manufacturer to see how the American consumer may buy one of these. I will let you know what I find out.

less lethal alternative

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