JPX Jet Protector

One common tool that pops into mind when thinking about a less lethal defensive weapon system is OC spray or pepper spray. There are several manufacturers of this defensive weapon system but none that can really match the JPX Jet Protector by Piexon. The JPX Jet Protector is a new and revolutionary OC delivery system, unlike traditional  OC delivery systems that use compressed gas or air to spray it’s intended targets with the irritant solution, the JPX uses a pyrotechnic charge similar to that of a 9MM. This allows the content of the chamber magazine to be extremely effective in almost any weather conditions. When using traditional OC sprays, it is in one’s best interest to make sure they are not spraying the OC spray against the wind, and in heavy rain conditions the traditional system may prove unreliable. Further more, with the traditional aerosol propellant system one often has to use a “Pray and Spray” technique as many of the traditional systems will lack in the areas of accuracy and reach. This new system offered by Piexon in the JPX offers reliable function in any weather, accuracy due to narrow spray pattern and built in laser sight, significant reach ( up to 23 feet at 270 mph), offers two shots to stop an attacker, and is small enough for easy concealment. Since the OC spray is delivered so fast and with such force it easily penetrates face masks. Since the JPX isn’t classified as a firearm most states will allow you to carry this system without a permit. This system is currently in use by several police agencies across the world, and even though this little beauty isn’t made in the USA, it is still quality manufactured in Switzerland. The frame comes in Black ( recommended for law enforcement), Orange, and military OD Green. The system also has a tactical rail for mounting small accessories in front of the trigger guard. On a personal note I bought this system for my mother, she has never been a fan of traditional firearms, but with this system I can rest knowing she has a reliable self defense tool.

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