Yellow Jacket Stun Gun

The hottest thing to hit the smart phone market since the iPhone may be an accessory exclusively available for the world’s most popular handset, the iPhone 4 and it’s called the Yellow Jacket. The Yellow Jacket has recently been featured on CNN, CNET, Forbes, PC World, and many other media outlets because it promises to combined the necessities of communication and personal defense into one unit making a smart phone even more capable than ever before.  The logic behind the device is that because most people never leave home without their cell phone they will always have protection ready and accessible in the blink of an eye. The Yellow Jacket is essentially designed as a cell phone case with a battery pack, but it has the ability to fry an assailant with a 650,000 volts of electricity delivered through two electrodes at the top of the unit. Get ready for this next bit of fantastic news…. In stand by mode the Yellow Jacket provides 20 HOURS of extended use for your iPhone 4, so even if you don’t need a stun gun on a regular basis you can take advantage of the prolonged battery life that it provides. Now granted the Yellow Jacket does make your iPhone slightly bulkier, but for the benefits that it provides I think it’s well worth it. With the Yellow Jacket attachment the device measures 1 inch thick and adds 3/8″ to the overall length. The Yellow Jacket only weighs four ounces so it won’t drag you down too much and it’s width will remain the same.

Since this post was originally written Yellow Jacket has developed a case for the iPhone 5/5s/SE and iPhone6/6s.

self defense smart phone case

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