Safegom Less Lethal Pistol

Tall structures, wine, and fine art are amongst the things France is known for, but they are also one of the world’s leaders in less lethal technology. SAFEGOM is a .38 caliber revolver that utilizes cylinders which are factory preloaded with less lethal rubber ammunition and is manufactured by Humbert CTTS. The projectile is fired using a standard pyrotechnic charge just like a regular firearm, but due to the safety precautions taken at the factory level this weapon will not fire lethal ammunition. Each replaceable cylinder has six round rubber .38 caliber shots which leave the muzzle at approximately 1,100 FPS (feet per second). The revolver frame is made from a light metal alloy and the unit features a double action firing mechanism which can also be used in single action. There are currently two variations, a short barrel and a magnum. This unit is for sale to civilians in Europe, but I have been unable to locate an American distributer for SAFEGOM. I will keep you posted on further updates regarding this Less Lethal Alternative.

The unit’s MSRP is around 250.00 Euros.

less lethal pistol