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Occasionally Less Lethal Alternatives finds some neat new products to review and write about which aren’t directly related to less lethal self defense weapons, but rather home security. The QuickVent Safe with RFID locking system is one such home security solution. It looks just like an AC vent in your home, but in fact its a high tech hidden safe. It provides a great place to hide and secure weapons, money, jewelry, and other valuables. The system doesn’t require that the user has to memorize numbers or buttons to push. The user just has to wave the included RFID card, key fob, or token across the top of the safe vent and it opens quickly. With the included back up battery the user never has to worry about being locked out and can always access the contents of the safe when needed. The product is made in the USA from top quality components and comes with an two year warranty. The large compartment is approximately 14” x 3” x 6.25” of storage space. The RFID technology comes with 2 RFID keys it’s easy and quick to access the hidden compartment. The installation typically only takes 5 minute.  QUICK SAFE

Door Jamb Armor

Looking for a great product that can significantly bolster your home security for right around a hundred bucks? Door Jamb Armor by Armor Concepts is that product and I can personally vouch for it because I owned one. My wife and I lived in Fort Worth Texas back in 2008 when our home was burglarized, thankfully we weren’t home. Someone kicked-in our front door in the middle of the day and thanks to our security system they didn’t have a lot of time to attempted to clean us out. After this incident I started doing my home work, looking for ways to significantly bolster the security around our front door, and that’s when I came across this amazing product. I read all the reviews I could find and saw all the demo videos, all of them presented one consistency; a seemingly unbreakable and unbeatable product. This product has been independently tested by news teams across the country trying to disprove the manufacturers claims, but all their efforts have been in vain because the doors backed by this product simply won’t go down. Door Jamb Armor is made out of solid metal and takes a significant amount of time and skill to install. If you consider your self a true handy man and you are looking for a good home improvement/ home security project to get involved in then you might be able to tackle this task yourself. When I installed it I had to go to Home Depot to get a powerful plug-in rental drill, my cordless 12V Black and Decker was simply not cut out for projects like this. Make sure you have a good amount of time to allocate to this project before you get started, it took  me four hours, I challenge you to beat that time. I definitely recommend this product and if you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have your home and privacy violated like I did, then this product will help you sleep better at night. Please see related install and demo videos following this article.

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Our next entry in Less Lethal Alternatives will discuss a very neat little gadget that you can use to instantly increase security at your home or when you are traveling and staying in hotels. The product is called Addalock and is made by Rishon Enterprises Inc. which was established in 1997 and has been selling consumer security products for over twenty-five years. Addalock installs in seconds without tools and provides added piece of mind as well as security to any door it’s applied to. Used on doors that have hinges and open inward. One of the key features is that it is small and doesn’t weigh a lot so it wont weigh down your luggage or take up alot of space in your home. The add-A-lock is made from chrome plated carbon steel and together with its unique shape makes it adjustable to almost any door thickness. The locks come with their own travel pouches.

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