ARMA 100

One of the latest innovations in less lethal defense for both professionals and consumers seeking to protect themselves and their homes comes in a form of an old pirate weapon reinvented in the form of the ARMA 100. The ARMA 100 is essentially the 21st century blunderbuss, a handheld canon that is capable of spitting out just about anything you cram down it’s hatch and delivering a punch at close range. This less lethal alternative can reach out and touch a threat at a distance of 20 feet and has been tested by law enforcement professionals as well as featured on the CMT show Dog & Beth On The Hunt. The device uses operator-loaded cartridges that contain a reusable bean bag round and a nitrogen cylinder. A user can have multiple cartridges ready for use and quick reload as each cartridge is single shot. The overall length is 18 inches long and it weighs 1.5 lbs (empty). As a propellant the ARMA 100 uses a single shot 23gram nitrogen cylinder and fires projectiles up to 37mm out of it’s muzzle. The ARMA 100 is legal in all 50 states.

arma 100 less lethal launcher

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