Flashbangs Deployed From A Pistol? You Bet!

Defenzia LLC is a company that is based in Scottsdale AZ and specializes in less lethal and tactical weapons technology. Their law enforcement model, the Defenzia M09 is a true multi-tool of less lethal technology. It is capable of firing .55 caliber rubber bullets which reach out and touch targets at 90 feet with 68 ft/lbs of force as well as military grade OC gel and flashbangs. The user has the ability to trigger four flashbangs in semi-automatic action. The flashbang produces a 145dB bang and 5 million candela flash, This is a great feature for SWAT and other law enforcement special units.

The Defenzia M09 is a NFA firearm according to ATF guidelines so this sweet weapon is only available to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the United States. However, a rifled .5o caliber version will soon be available to the consumer market. Defenzia has not yet stated if there will be any other rounds accept for the rubber bullets available for the .50 caliber M11.



Visit www.Defenzia.com for more info.