Flash Ball Impact Launcher

Our next Less Lethal Weapon System comes to us from French hunting firearm manufacturer Verney Carron and their take on a civilian less lethal weapons platform. Now at first glance the Verney Carron Flash Ball launcher may look like a toy, a cross between Super Soaker and Nerf. But make no mistake, you DO NOT want to be on the business end of this 44 mm impact launcher. The civilian model has twin side by side barrels allowing for two shots, features a break open loading mechanism, and is made of composite materials. The most common round fired by this innocent looking beast is the 44 mm rubber ball which is projected using a pyrotechnic charge much like that of a real firearm. The impact is equivalent to that of a .38 special but the impact radius is more spread out thus not penetrating the target’s skin. Other types of ammunition loads available on this system are the soft rubber buck-shots, dye ball, and tear powder ball. Verney Carron has recently released a NEW CS gas round, but I believe this is strictly for law enforcement applications. All the test videos I have found and research that I have done would suggest that this is indeed an effective less lethal weapon system.

The system features double handles for easy control and handling by the user and external hammers for easy cocking. The Flash Ball launcher is just under 15 inches in length. I have contacted the U.S. distributer for Verney Carron in hopes that they can tell me if this system is available to the American consumer yet and if so how much the system is selling for. I will keep you posted when I find out.

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