Defender 24/7

Today I saw an interesting item through a video that a friend of mine had shared on social media. This product seems to be very unique and features some very cool capabilities. The product is the Defender 24/7 and it’s main defensive feature is a law enforcement grade self defense spray. But the features keep getting better from there. The Defender 24/7 is also a communication tool. When the device is activated and pointed at the assailant the Defender 24/7 takes a snap shot of the attacker which is then wirelessly sent to your smart phone and the Defender App. After this the picture is sent to authorities and your GPS position reported to law enforcement in order for them to send assistance to your location. The device also features a medical alert button which can be activated by users with medical conditions that may require a life alert style system. As if all those features weren’t enough, the unit also has a personal defense siren which can attract additional attention to your location in case of an attack or a medical emergency. The device is small enough to fit in just about any pocket and is a great solution for both men and women seeking a less lethal defensive option. The units are now available for pre-order at around $179.00.

personal defense app for smart phones

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