GTS Body Armor

From Gilliam Technical Services (GTS) a Virginia based company comes a neat product which provides protection from both edged weapons as well as gunfire. This is the GTS bullet proof and stab resistant shirt which is rated as a NIJ IIIA 3A meaning that it can stop most rounds between a 9mm FMJ up to a .44 Magnum JSP. While this product is relatively light and concealable under regular clothes, it only provides front and rear protection to the wearer. The ballistic material is DuPont® Kevlar® fabric and the stab protection is (KR/SP Level 1) is UHMWPE. The added stab resistance adds approximately 30% more weight to the body armor. The product comes with a five year defect warranty. Other info from vendor’s website;

” It is imperative that the soft panels be properly installed before wearing.  In most cases, the vests are shipped with the panels already installed.  Please check for proper installation.  Make sure that the ballistic panels in your vest are installed with the “wear face” toward the body and/or “strike face” away from the body and in the direction of the threat.

When wearing:  Adjust your product so that it is centered over vital areas and side overlap protection is utilized (if applicable).  Remember that wearing the carrier without any ballistic panels being properly inserted provides NO ballistic protection.”

bullet proof vest


American Blast Systems

Our next entry into the body armor category comes to us by way of American Blast Systems; a company with thirty-five years of experience in composite, ceramics, and metals for ballistic personnel protection. Amongst the many things American Blast Systems produces is NIJ Level IIIA bulletproof vests capable of stopping 9mm up to a .44 magnum slug. The vest-carrier provides pouches for trauma plates which can accommodate 6×8 trauma pad, 7×9 plate, 8×10 plate and/or a 10×12 plate(depending on the size of the carrier). The back pockets are capable of holding an 8×10 plate and/or a 10×12 plate (depending on the size of the carrier). The body armor also features removable, radial shoulder pads that are constructed of 500 Denier Cordura® and foam to decrease tension on the shoulders and neck. The vest utilizes a full set of MOLLE ( Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) on the front and back with a drag handle for tactical applications. This is useful incase someone equipped with this vest receives an injury which impairs their ability to walk, the drag handles allow a team member or friend to pull the injured person to safety. This body armor carrier is available for civilian purchase through online retailers such as Amazon, armor plates sold separately.

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Guard Dog ProShield Back Pack

From Guard Dog Security Products an up and coming leader with twenty years of experience in developing security and safety products for everyday use comes a unique concept in personal protection and body armor that literally has your back. The Guard Dog ProShield is a NIJ level IIIA bulletproof backpack that will give you and your vital organs protection ranging from 9mm to .45 cal pistol rounds. This product only weighs a few ounces more than a regular backpack and looks just like a standard back pack. The Guard Dog ProShield is backed with the same lifetime warranty that all Guard Dog Security products come with. No matter if you are a high school student, college student, or battlefield journalist you can feel better knowing that the Guard Dog ProShield bulletproof backpack will keep your rear covered. This product comes in black and pink.

bullet proof backpack

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