ACE CO Microshot

The AceCo MicroShot is one of the newest Less Lethal Alternatives on the market, machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum right here in the U.S. The idea behind this device is that in a high pressure self defense scenario aiming this device would come very naturally to most people who have ever held or fired a pistol. This device is compact and rugged as well as easy to load and uses Saber Red pepper spray. Each replaceable pepper spray canister provides 4-6 half-second sprays or a continuous spray depending on the user’s trigger motion. It weighs only 12oz loaded and has a 12 lbs trigger pull. Unfortunately like most aerosol pepper spray devices, the AceCo MicroShot only has a range of six feet and is effected by wind conditions. However, the unit does have a lifetime warranty and in several color variations.

less lethal alternative