Eclipse Variable Velocity Weapon Systems

I was recently exploring my online resources and came across a new website for a company called Eclipse. This is a system that has been through research and development for over the last ten years. While specific markets weren’t indicated on the manufacturer’s website it would appear that this system is not meant for consumer home defense but rather for government agencies for less lethal application in riot control. The Eclipse launchers use a 40mm projectile and operate under constant pressure; the system allows the operator to adjust the velocity and power of each shot without venting gases thus making the most efficient use out of the power source. Furthermore the Eclipse launcher’s ammo uses no pyrotechnic or gun powder charges and is case-less which decreases it’s overall operating cost. The Eclipse variable velocity weapon system uses a laser or acoustic range finder that automates the system based on the range to the target. The variable velocity ranges between 100-600 fps and the system operates under pressure between 150-1200 psi. There are several versions in development with various options for power sources such as scuba tanks and paintball style air tanks. Some versions have 6-round rotary magazines while others have 30 round ammo belts which may be useful considering the system has a cycle rate of 120 rounds per minute. The Eclipse system offers a wide variety of ammo payloads for various operational needs which include; blunt impact rounds with foam tipped or OC powder payloads, pneumatically timed aerosol canisters, smoke, illumination rounds in pyrotechnic or electric versions, IR targeting beacons, hornet’s nest and pepperball shot. Checkout their website for more info on the Eclipse,

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