Flashbangs Deployed From A Pistol? You Bet!

Defenzia LLC is a company that is based in Scottsdale AZ and specializes in less lethal and tactical weapons technology. Their law enforcement model, the Defenzia M09 is a true multi-tool of less lethal technology. It is capable of firing .55 caliber rubber bullets which reach out and touch targets at 90 feet with 68 ft/lbs of force as well as military grade OC gel and flashbangs. The user has the ability to trigger four flashbangs in semi-automatic action. The flashbang produces a 145dB bang and 5 million candela flash, This is a great feature for SWAT and other law enforcement special units.

The Defenzia M09 is a NFA firearm according to ATF guidelines so this sweet weapon is only available to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the United States. However, a rifled .5o caliber version will soon be available to the consumer market. Defenzia has not yet stated if there will be any other rounds accept for the rubber bullets available for the .50 caliber M11.



Visit www.Defenzia.com for more info.

Defenzia M11

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As Less Lethal Alternatives has been getting an overwhelming amount of inquires regarding the release date of the Defenzia M11 less lethal consumer firearm, we felt that it was time for an update. Thus far the company has released no official date, but has stated that it should be available on the consumer market prior to the end of 2016.

The Defenzia M11 is a four-barrel .50 caliber firearm, it fires a rubber projectile in semi-automatic action and propels the impact round down range with 75 joules of muzzle energy. It is highly advised and recommended that the target zone is center mass. Avoid head shots and shots to the groin area. The device is a less lethal firearm, key words to remember are “LETHAL” and “FIREARM”. As with any less lethal platform there is always a chance of a lethal outcome, even if it is less likely than with a standard firearm.

As the official release date becomes available we will post another update with pricing and purchasing information. We thank you for your patience.

Less Lethal Pepper Balls X10 Hot

pepper balls for less lethal defense

Shoot less, while incapacitating more suspects–more effectively–with the all-new Peppershot™ PAVA Max Payload Less Lethal Live Round. Each Peppershot™ PAVA Max Payload Less Lethal Live Round delivers ten times the hot pepper -based irritant powder as our industry-leading Less Lethal Live Round. These maximum-charged rounds are recommended for situations that require the strongest level of irritant.

The Peppershot™ PAVA Max Payload Less Lethal Live Rounds are ideally suited for riot situations where officers need to create an intense barrier cloud of extremely hot pepper irritant. They are highly effective for safely dislodging barricaded suspects by filling enclosed spaces with an insufferable cloud of irritant powder, and fill many other less-lethal roles as well.

PAVA Max Payload Less Lethal Live Rounds have:
– Extremely hot capsaicin II irritant
– (PAVA) Pepper powder fill
– 10 times the strength of standard Live Agent rounds
– Standard .68 caliber dimensions to work in common Less Lethal Launchers

Standard Live Round: 0.5% PAVA
Max Payload Live Round: 5.0% PAVA


Guard Dog Olympian

The next less lethal alternative is a pretty cool little gadget, a less lethal multipurpose device. The Olympian by Guard Dog Security Products features their so-called “Triple Threat” of self defense options. The unit has a high voltage concealed stun gun for close encounters, a built in OC/pepper spray (18%) that can spray a target at 16 feet, and a 150 lumen flash light which is also great for everyday practical use. The flashlights bulb has a 100,000 hour life span. The unit is rechargeable so you don’t need to keep running to the store for batteries on a regular basis and comes with a small leather carrying case. The unit it self also features a rubberized grip for firm control of the unit when using it. It also features a dual safety switch: One for the stun gun and one for the pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge. As with most of Guard Dog Security Products the Olympian is backed by a lifetime warranty. The unit measures 4.25 inches in length and comes in pink or black color schemes. This can be an ideal solution for both men and women who like to jog as well as for students who walk from one place to another by themselves late at night. I have seen this product retail at some online retailers for $85.00.

less lethal alternatives

Booby Trap Bra

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting article featuring a product specifically made for women. The product was created by a woman who had her self been attack and realized that all her self defense options had been left at home. Through this experience she created a prototype sports bra that had a concealed sheath for a small defense knife, stun gun, or even a self defense spray. The product that was developed from the prototype is known as the Booby Trap Bra. The idea is similar to that of a neck knife, where the self defense tool is within easy reach and accessible during a hostile confrontation. This sort of self defense solution is ideal for women who live an active life style, running, jogging, and spending time outdoors by themselves. It’s a simple solution for self defense, it provides light, effective, and affordable self defense. The bra is made in the United States.

self defense for women

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Defender 24/7

Today I saw an interesting item through a video that a friend of mine had shared on social media. This product seems to be very unique and features some very cool capabilities. The product is the Defender 24/7 and it’s main defensive feature is a law enforcement grade self defense spray. But the features keep getting better from there. The Defender 24/7 is also a communication tool. When the device is activated and pointed at the assailant the Defender 24/7 takes a snap shot of the attacker which is then wirelessly sent to your smart phone and the Defender App. After this the picture is sent to authorities and your GPS position reported to law enforcement in order for them to send assistance to your location. The device also features a medical alert button which can be activated by users with medical conditions that may require a life alert style system. As if all those features weren’t enough, the unit also has a personal defense siren which can attract additional attention to your location in case of an attack or a medical emergency. The device is small enough to fit in just about any pocket and is a great solution for both men and women seeking a less lethal defensive option. The units are now available for pre-order at around $179.00.

personal defense app for smart phones

For more information visit: http://www.getthedefender.com/what-is-defender/ 

Arc Angel Stun Cane

Our next Less Lethal Alternative is as practical as it is useful in self defense. If you have a need of a cane or any other type of walking implement for mobility assistance on a regular basis the STUN CANE by Arc Angel can protect you on your travels. This unassuming weapon has a manually activated stun tip which can deliver an intimidating spark of 1,000,000 volts that can deter and keep a potential threat at bay. You can also keep the unit near the door for protection at home for any unexpected late night visitors. The STUN CANE features an adjustable sturdy shaft with ergonomic handle.

The Arc Angel STUN CANE is the responsible solution for those consumers who feel a need for protection but don’t want to carry a traditional firearm. It is not a gun, it is not lethal and you don’t need a license to own it. It is safe to use and easy to store. The STUN CANE is fully functional and practical as a walking tool as it supports 350 LB. max weight. It includes a home charging unit and foreign plug converter with fully rechargeable NiMH battery system for thousands of flawless charges. The STUN CANE is constructed of   high quality aircraft aluminum.

stun gun

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Cheetah Ku Stun

If you’ve ever visited Less Lethal Alternatives in the past you know that we like to review cool and unique items on this site. This next one is compact and delivers two methods of self defense; striking and stunning. The Cheetah Ku Stun is a one handed personal protection device that sports two threatening spikes to drive into an attacker using a hammer-fist strike or an electrified finger loop that not only provides control over the device but can send a good 4.8 million volts to it’s target. The Cheetah Ku Stun can be easily concealed in your pocket or purse. The unit comes in black, purple, or pink colors and features a lifetime warranty. Please check your local laws prior to purchase and carrying to make sure you are within your state’s laws.

stun gun

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Raysun M1

Our next topic of discussion about Less Lethal Arms is a self-defense unit produced by Jiun An Technology Co, LTD in Taiwan. You may remember an earlier posting about the Raysun X1 ECD type device, well this is it’s little brother the Raysun M1. The unit has an angled curve much like the Taser C2 and Kelin Remote Needle Gun, but unlike these units and it’s big brother, the M1 doesn’t rely on stun technology. This diverse Less Lethal Alternative platform has a variety of defensive options to offer it’s handler. The double barrel, over/under configuration fires a pepper bullet cartridge, a pepper powder cartridge, or SOS signal flare. The signal flare has a reach of 100 meters, the pepper ball can strike out at 12-15 meters, and the pepper powder cartridge is useful for disabling multiple targets at a close ranges of 3-5 meters. An optional high beam light cartridge can also be deployed for 60 minutes of continues use at 30 meters and can be used as a disorientation strobe device. The Raysun M1 has a laser sight for aiming as well as a small LED light for darker areas. It’s safety features include a red light indicator and a safety buzzer to let the user know the system is activated and armed. It’s dimensions measure 125x55x30 mm, for a fairly compact self-defense unit. The standard package includes the M1 unit, 3 mode LED cartridge x1, Pepper bullet cartridge x 1, Pepper powder cartridge x 3, one soft carrying case, and one belt holster. A rechargeable battery is optional, other optional ammo types include paintball and rubber bullets. The unit comes in a red/black or gray/white color scheme. I have attempted to find a U.S. dealer of this product but have been unable to do so yet. I will keep you posted on further details.

self defense weapon

Eclipse Variable Velocity Weapon Systems

I was recently exploring my online resources and came across a new website for a company called Eclipse. This is a system that has been through research and development for over the last ten years. While specific markets weren’t indicated on the manufacturer’s website it would appear that this system is not meant for consumer home defense but rather for government agencies for less lethal application in riot control. The Eclipse launchers use a 40mm projectile and operate under constant pressure; the system allows the operator to adjust the velocity and power of each shot without venting gases thus making the most efficient use out of the power source. Furthermore the Eclipse launcher’s ammo uses no pyrotechnic or gun powder charges and is case-less which decreases it’s overall operating cost. The Eclipse variable velocity weapon system uses a laser or acoustic range finder that automates the system based on the range to the target. The variable velocity ranges between 100-600 fps and the system operates under pressure between 150-1200 psi. There are several versions in development with various options for power sources such as scuba tanks and paintball style air tanks. Some versions have 6-round rotary magazines while others have 30 round ammo belts which may be useful considering the system has a cycle rate of 120 rounds per minute. The Eclipse system offers a wide variety of ammo payloads for various operational needs which include; blunt impact rounds with foam tipped or OC powder payloads, pneumatically timed aerosol canisters, smoke, illumination rounds in pyrotechnic or electric versions, IR targeting beacons, hornet’s nest and pepperball shot. Checkout their website for more info on the Eclipse, www.eclipsedefense.com.

less lethal launcher