The next Less Lethal Alternative comes out of China and made by a company called Shenzhen Senxunda Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. The SXD – X5 is a multi-purpose stun gun with capable of firing various replaceable electric probe (taser like darts), pepper powder, pepper balls, and rubber balls. The X5 is also capable of recording device activation. One piece construction with spare cartridge slot and picatinny rail to extend applications by adding other tactical accessories. The X5 is made from high impact ABS composites. It has a total length of 210mm with cartridge. The power supply is a rechargeable 7.4V lithium battery. It features a high voltage electric shock output of 75kV above, current below 750uA, with a complex shaped pulse. The X5 has an integrated red laser sight to aid in quick target acquisition.  The safety mechanism is a Power on/off switch. A lanyard which is attached to the back of the device is connected to an automatic kill-switch that deactivates the unit when unplugged and prevents the X5 from being used against the owner. The weapon’s cycle time is 5 seconds electric shock when the trigger is pulled. The weapon needs to be reactivated through the on/off switch after three continuous electric cycles. The indicator has a green light which will turn to red when the power. Interactive flashing of red and green light lets the user know the weapon system is on standby mode. The built-in calendar recording device for electric shock to memory over 600 time and date information of each device activation.

less lethal alternatives SXD-X5

Streetwise Vaporizer

Less Lethal Alternatives frequently searches the wide expanses of the internet for some of the latest and greatest in less lethal technology and awesome defensive gadgets. One company has recently adapted one of it’s products to the trend of vaping, creating a camouflaged self defense tool called the Vaporizer.  The world’s first Vaporizer stun gun and flashlight is the Vaporizer by Streetwise Security. Streetwise is known as a reliable manufacturer of self defense products and it’s products can be found on almost all major online stores. The Vaporizer comes in at 6.25 inches in length and is designed to be as compact and easy to carry as a regular Vaporizer. Don’t let it’s size fool you though, as the Vaporizer packs as much power as stun-guns twice it’s size.

The exterior of the product is shock proof and made from a military grade aluminum alloy. The etched ribbed handle ensures a non slip grip in stressful situations. In many circumstances it only takes the audible crackle and bright spark of the 18,000,000 volt stun gun to dissuade attackers. As with all of their products over the last two decades, Streetwise Security has designed the Vaporizer with advanced technology and top quality materials, and backs it with a lifetime warranty. The Vaporizer comes with a USB charger and wall adapter.

Streetwise Vaporizer


Guard Dog Olympian

The next less lethal alternative is a pretty cool little gadget, a less lethal multipurpose device. The Olympian by Guard Dog Security Products features their so-called “Triple Threat” of self defense options. The unit has a high voltage concealed stun gun for close encounters, a built in OC/pepper spray (18%) that can spray a target at 16 feet, and a 150 lumen flash light which is also great for everyday practical use. The flashlights bulb has a 100,000 hour life span. The unit is rechargeable so you don’t need to keep running to the store for batteries on a regular basis and comes with a small leather carrying case. The unit it self also features a rubberized grip for firm control of the unit when using it. It also features a dual safety switch: One for the stun gun and one for the pepper spray to prevent accidental discharge. As with most of Guard Dog Security Products the Olympian is backed by a lifetime warranty. The unit measures 4.25 inches in length and comes in pink or black color schemes. This can be an ideal solution for both men and women who like to jog as well as for students who walk from one place to another by themselves late at night. I have seen this product retail at some online retailers for $85.00.

less lethal alternatives

Arc Angel Stun Cane

Our next Less Lethal Alternative is as practical as it is useful in self defense. If you have a need of a cane or any other type of walking implement for mobility assistance on a regular basis the STUN CANE by Arc Angel can protect you on your travels. This unassuming weapon has a manually activated stun tip which can deliver an intimidating spark of 1,000,000 volts that can deter and keep a potential threat at bay. You can also keep the unit near the door for protection at home for any unexpected late night visitors. The STUN CANE features an adjustable sturdy shaft with ergonomic handle.

The Arc Angel STUN CANE is the responsible solution for those consumers who feel a need for protection but don’t want to carry a traditional firearm. It is not a gun, it is not lethal and you don’t need a license to own it. It is safe to use and easy to store. The STUN CANE is fully functional and practical as a walking tool as it supports 350 LB. max weight. It includes a home charging unit and foreign plug converter with fully rechargeable NiMH battery system for thousands of flawless charges. The STUN CANE is constructed of   high quality aircraft aluminum.

stun gun

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Cheetah Ku Stun

If you’ve ever visited Less Lethal Alternatives in the past you know that we like to review cool and unique items on this site. This next one is compact and delivers two methods of self defense; striking and stunning. The Cheetah Ku Stun is a one handed personal protection device that sports two threatening spikes to drive into an attacker using a hammer-fist strike or an electrified finger loop that not only provides control over the device but can send a good 4.8 million volts to it’s target. The Cheetah Ku Stun can be easily concealed in your pocket or purse. The unit comes in black, purple, or pink colors and features a lifetime warranty. Please check your local laws prior to purchase and carrying to make sure you are within your state’s laws.

stun gun

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Our next piece of less lethal tech comes to us from a company called AEGIS who specializes in less lethal intermediate force options for military, law enforcement, corrections, and private security. This company based out of Rockville Maryland produces a semi-compact yet mighty less lethal device for the control of non-compliant subjects dubbed the MK 63 Trident. This multifaceted weapon combines all of today’s leading less lethal technology into one awesome package; electroshock, chemical agents, distraction devices, and blunt force trauma. All these options allow for fast transfer up and down the force continuum depending on what the situation calls for. There is pepper spray for further distances as well as a distraction high intensity strobe light. In circumstances of hand to hand combat the Trident can be used as a martial arts tonfa for blocking or striking, and it also delivers electric shocks like a drive stun device. The MK 63 Trident has been subjected to prolonged independent safety studies to insure that it remains as less lethal as possible and has been tested to with stand drops from 21 feet to ensure it’s field reliability. In addition this weapon is water proof up to three meters. In addition the unit has a tactical rail for mounting additional upgrades or accessories. This weapon system is now being field tested by law enforcement officers of Colerain and Fairfax Ohio, who so far all seem to like the easy use and diversity of this product. This all comes to us from a company that stands by it’s less lethal credo, ” Defend. Protect. Preserve.” I have requested a demo device from the manufacturer to conduct further tests in order to provide a further detailed review on this product. Keep checking back for future updates about the MK 63 Trident.

Unit’s MSRP = $700

less lethal alternatives

ZAP Stick by PSP Products

Small and easy to hide, perfect for joggers and any body who ever parks in a garage late at night. ZAP Stick by PS Products delivers 800,000 volts of stopping power and has two LED lights to brighten up any dark environment. Comes in both black and pink, a true uni-sex self-defense tool. The ZAP Stick runs on 2 lithium CR2 batteries.

less lethal stun gun

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Scorpion 200

All you regulars to Less Lethal Alternatives know that I like to review cool items and unique self-defense tools that are available to us in our everyday lives, if this is your first time to the blog then let me say welcome! I  was recently cruising several sites and channels on the infinite expanse of the internet and came across an item worthy of mention. At first glance the Scorpion 200 looks like your average everyday touch stun gun, but this clever device packs a one two punch that you might not see coming. As many of you know stun guns typically work via pain compliance, that is the target being stunned is deterred from attacking due to the pain delivered from a stun gun. However, one of the draw backs of a touch stun device or drive stun device is that you actually need to be close enough to make physical contact with a potential threat. This is one reason why projectile stun guns such as the Taser and Phazzer devices are preferable because they allow you to engage a target from fifteen plus feet away. The Scorpion 200 provides a similar advantage, although it does not project any electric stun darts. The Scorpion 200 is a self-defense multi-tool in that it provides the capabilities of 200,000 volts of stun power plus the blinding effects of pepper spray in one easy to use tool. The pepper spray can reach out to six feet and blind an attacker while the jolt of 200,000 volts will temporarily incapacitate and deter an attacker. This device is used by some European police agencies and manufactured in Eastern Europe. I have only been able to find this item for sale on a few U.S. based websites such as and it retails for about $100.00.

stun gun pepper spray combo

Kinda a cheesy video but it demonstrates the unit. See below.

Yellow Jacket Stun Gun

The hottest thing to hit the smart phone market since the iPhone may be an accessory exclusively available for the world’s most popular handset, the iPhone 4 and it’s called the Yellow Jacket. The Yellow Jacket has recently been featured on CNN, CNET, Forbes, PC World, and many other media outlets because it promises to combined the necessities of communication and personal defense into one unit making a smart phone even more capable than ever before.  The logic behind the device is that because most people never leave home without their cell phone they will always have protection ready and accessible in the blink of an eye. The Yellow Jacket is essentially designed as a cell phone case with a battery pack, but it has the ability to fry an assailant with a 650,000 volts of electricity delivered through two electrodes at the top of the unit. Get ready for this next bit of fantastic news…. In stand by mode the Yellow Jacket provides 20 HOURS of extended use for your iPhone 4, so even if you don’t need a stun gun on a regular basis you can take advantage of the prolonged battery life that it provides. Now granted the Yellow Jacket does make your iPhone slightly bulkier, but for the benefits that it provides I think it’s well worth it. With the Yellow Jacket attachment the device measures 1 inch thick and adds 3/8″ to the overall length. The Yellow Jacket only weighs four ounces so it won’t drag you down too much and it’s width will remain the same.

Since this post was originally written Yellow Jacket has developed a case for the iPhone 5/5s/SE and iPhone6/6s.

self defense smart phone case

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ZAP Double Trouble

ZAP Double Trouble by PS Products is another light weight (6.9 oz), concealable, yet extremely effective single-handed drive stun device capable of delivering 1.2 million volts from two sets of electrodes. This device delivers stun power better than most traditional stun guns due to it’s space between the points of contact. The robust plastic composite material is also strong enough to take a beating and be used for striking if needed. The Double Trouble device works off of two CR123A lithium batteries and has a soft rubber contour grip. The size is what makes this tool a great take-along self-defense device, easily hidden in a jacket, shorts, purse, etc.

less lethal alternatives stungun

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