G-JMD EDC Self Defense Spike

Our next item is quite a multi-purpose utility and self-defense tool; the G-JMD EDC Self Defense Spike. This item is designed to be held single-handed and provide a hard and sharp striking edge similar to that of a flat head screw driver combined with a fist pack. The weight is 36g, its length from tip to end measures 90mm,  and is made of stainless steel. It provides additional uses as an interior angle wrench, bottle opener, and screwdriver. The G-JMD EDC Self Defense Spike is a self-defense weapon disguised as a multi-tool.

less lethal alternatives

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CRMIPT Fighting Tool

Crmipt is a true self-defense less lethal knife designed for professional as well as civilian carry, ideally suited for concealed carry in those states and cities with strict carry laws. This tool can deliver effective striking and pressure point manipulation in self-defense scenarios and should not cause any problems in terms of the law as it has a dull folding blade. Designed by martial artist Bram Frank to be the next generation’s alternative to the traditional Yawara and Kubaton. The Crmipt comes in two sizes the standard which carries a blade of 2.75 inches and the Magnum which comes 3.75 inch blade. The Crmipt can also be classified as an emergency tool as it has a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter.

less lethal alternatives

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Our next less lethal item comes to us by way of Solingen Germany and produced by a high-end cutlery company called Böker. Böker traces its origin to the 17th century as a tool maker in Germany graduating to swords and blades by the 1800’s. The Böker Plus Waves MFS Titan is a tactical striking tool also known as a Kubaton or Yawara stick. The Böker Plus Waves MFS Titan is made from titanium so it only weighs 5.5oz and it measures six inches in length. This tool can be used for defensive striking as well as pressure point manipulation that will cause an attacker to cease any unwanted further action.


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Zombie Hunter Keychain F.O.B.

The next item in Less Lethal Alternatives write up is a small and concealable personal protection tool made by Z-Hunter. This item is a bit of a novelty for people who are into the whole zombie theme, but it serves as a great last ditch defense tool and sports two sharp blades that can get an attacker off of you in a pinch. The Zombie Hunter Keychain FOB is made of stainless steel and measures 3.5″X3.25″ overall with a 3MM thickness. It comes with a lanyard and nylon carrying pouch so that you can safely carry it in your pocket or purse. There are also two holes for the user to place his or her fingers through for a firm grip on the tool in a defense scenario.

z-hunter keychain fob

GOTCHA Self Defense Cap

Here is yet another item that has been seeing a lot of chatter across the internet lately, a less than lethal self-defense device that hides in plain sight. The Gotcha Self Defense Cap is the brain child of product developer Dov Ganchrow and 9th Dan Israeli martial arts expert Yaron Hanover. Yaron Hanover specializes in krav maga, jujitsu, MMA, and other self-defense hand-to-hand combat techniques. He has also developed a company called Hanover Toolbox Co that specializes in self-defense tools. The Gotcha Self Defense Cap is a tool made to increase your self-defense capabilities via strikes and pressure point control. The device can be deployed in an instance from a natural self-defense pose that leaves hands close to the face for protection and blocking of incoming attacks; while hands are raised in this natural defensive position it allows for a quick surprise deployment of the Gotcha. The Gotcha is secured underneath the cap and made of reinforced durable polymer composite so that it will hold up in a fight. The Gotcha cap comes in many colors to accommodate individual user’s preference and only weighs 112gr.