Our next piece of less lethal tech comes to us from a company called AEGIS who specializes in less lethal intermediate force options for military, law enforcement, corrections, and private security. This company based out of Rockville Maryland produces a semi-compact yet mighty less lethal device for the control of non-compliant subjects dubbed the MK 63 Trident. This multifaceted weapon combines all of today’s leading less lethal technology into one awesome package; electroshock, chemical agents, distraction devices, and blunt force trauma. All these options allow for fast transfer up and down the force continuum depending on what the situation calls for. There is pepper spray for further distances as well as a distraction high intensity strobe light. In circumstances of hand to hand combat the Trident can be used as a martial arts tonfa for blocking or striking, and it also delivers electric shocks like a drive stun device. The MK 63 Trident has been subjected to prolonged independent safety studies to insure that it remains as less lethal as possible and has been tested to with stand drops from 21 feet to ensure it’s field reliability. In addition this weapon is water proof up to three meters. In addition the unit has a tactical rail for mounting additional upgrades or accessories. This weapon system is now being field tested by law enforcement officers of Colerain and Fairfax Ohio, who so far all seem to like the easy use and diversity of this product. This all comes to us from a company that stands by it’s less lethal credo, ” Defend. Protect. Preserve.” I have requested a demo device from the manufacturer to conduct further tests in order to provide a further detailed review on this product. Keep checking back for future updates about the MK 63 Trident.

Unit’s MSRP = $700

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Our next piece of less lethal tech is as sleek and sexy as it is effective. Tiberius Arms is a manufacturer of high end paintball gear and compact .68 caliber launchers. The former less lethal device known as the SWAT C8 which has been discontinued and the still existing FN P 303 which is marketed as a true less lethal device for law enforcement, was based off of the Tiberius T 8.1 platform. The Tiberius T 8.1 is a semi-automic, 8 round, pistol sized launcher ideal  for home defense and personal protection. This unit is sleeker and smaller than it’s competition while still delivering a muzzle velocity of 280 fps(feet per second) at ranges of 30-50 feet with around 25 joules of energy to it’s target. This unit can be customized in several ways including red dot sights, laser sights, and with a “First Strike” conversion kit the unit can accept fin-stabilized projectiles similar to those fired by the FN 303 greatly improving it’s accuracy. This unit is capable of rapid reload with extra magazines each holding a twelve gram C02 cartridge and eight rounds of less lethal ammo, from glass breakers to chemical PAVA/pepper rounds and everything in between. The specs include a solid aluminum upper receiver, dual rubber detents, side dovetailed iron sights, low profile C02 quick puncture, and grooved full length grip for comfort and control. The T 8.1 measures 10.5″ in length and is roughly 2 lbs, so it may not be the best device for concealable carry but when it comes to gas powered launchers it’s still fairly compact. The unit comes in three sexy color variations black, black/silver, and silver. The T 8.1 is designed and produced in the United States so you can count on it’s reliability.  *NOTE: ammo choice is crucial when using a .68 cal paintball marker for self defense purposes. While regular paintballs can sting on impact they may not be sufficient enough to stop a determined attacker. For alternative ammo choices see the previous article posted in this category.

This unit’s MSRP is roughly $200.00 and is available at many online retailers.

The First Strike conversion kit is roughly $100.00

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Our next item on the agenda is the SabreRed Spit Fire, the most advanced key chain OC delivery system available to consumers on todays market. It can be deployed with less effort and greater accuracy from your hip or over your shoulder for maximum safety. The Spitfire unit is also refillable using . SabreRed is the number one brand Used by police worldwide including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s & US Marshals to name a few. It’s made in the U.S. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. It’s immediately accessible and presents a great value with a 4 year expiration date from date of manufacture where many others have a shelf life of 2 years. Quick release key ring is included. Weight of the Spitfire is 0.21 ounces with approximately 8 bursts at 6-8 feet and features a cone spray pattern with a point of aim to the center of face. To maximize your safety SabreRed has provided access to FREE how to use video. The unit comes in many colors for you fashion forward individuals. This item is not for sale in some states.

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Scorpion 200

All you regulars to Less Lethal Alternatives know that I like to review cool items and unique self-defense tools that are available to us in our everyday lives, if this is your first time to the blog then let me say welcome! I  was recently cruising several sites and channels on the infinite expanse of the internet and came across an item worthy of mention. At first glance the Scorpion 200 looks like your average everyday touch stun gun, but this clever device packs a one two punch that you might not see coming. As many of you know stun guns typically work via pain compliance, that is the target being stunned is deterred from attacking due to the pain delivered from a stun gun. However, one of the draw backs of a touch stun device or drive stun device is that you actually need to be close enough to make physical contact with a potential threat. This is one reason why projectile stun guns such as the Taser and Phazzer devices are preferable because they allow you to engage a target from fifteen plus feet away. The Scorpion 200 provides a similar advantage, although it does not project any electric stun darts. The Scorpion 200 is a self-defense multi-tool in that it provides the capabilities of 200,000 volts of stun power plus the blinding effects of pepper spray in one easy to use tool. The pepper spray can reach out to six feet and blind an attacker while the jolt of 200,000 volts will temporarily incapacitate and deter an attacker. This device is used by some European police agencies and manufactured in Eastern Europe. I have only been able to find this item for sale on a few U.S. based websites such as and it retails for about $100.00.

stun gun pepper spray combo

Kinda a cheesy video but it demonstrates the unit. See below.

G8 PRO V2 by Guardian 8

Here comes a new high tech tool for the everyday civilian and security professional, a tool made for hostile de-escilation without lethal force. The G8 PRO V2 by Guardian 8, may be the most high tech Less Lethal Alternative on the market, even if it’s not on the actual market quite yet. This unit features a high intensity strobe, high frequency personal alarm, OC spray, laser aim, day and night camera, play back features, and command center communication via Blue Tooth link. So if you’re in the professional security field and need a tool to back actions of force with the ability to record necessary proof of force, then this tool may be right for you. The one early criticism I have about this unit is that it claims that the OC spray has a reach of up to 10 feet, so this area leaves something to be desired and may be addressed later on in the future. Despite the unit’s minimal range of  stopping power it does have many proven pieces of less lethal technology and other tech all wrapped up in one fairly compact device. The unit is scheduled for release sometime in the 4th quarter of 2012 and it’s MSRP has not yet been released. I have sent a formal request for further information to Guardian 8 and will keep you posted on further developments.

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TAC-14 by PepperBall

PepperBall Technologies have come out with a Less Lethal Alternative known as the TAC 14 which is a semi-automatic gas powered less lethal carbine. This unit is nice because it resembles a real life tactical CQC weapon platform, so all those who are firearm enthusiasts will surely take a liking to the TAC 14. It’s “on-target” range is 60 feet and has a maximum reach of 100 feet for area saturation. The magazine houses a 33 gram disposable CO2 gas cartridge as well as 14 pepper ball projectiles. The hand guard has several tactical rails for mounting accessories such as flash lights or lasers and the unit features a collapsable M4-style stock. There are additional magazines available for purchase making this unit quicker and easier during reload. I have requested more technical  information from PepperBall Technologies as well as information about how civilians can purchase this unit. I will keep you posted.

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FN 303

Ok folks, here we have a devastatingly beautiful less lethal weapon that hits like a hammer. The FN 303. This less lethal weapon system is designed by weapon manufacturer FN Herstal who is headquartered in Herstal Belgium and makes serious firepower for police and militaries around the world. The good people at FN Herstal realized a need for an effective less lethal option for civilians and police alike so they came up with the FN 303 and got in on the market while it’s still growing. The FN 303 looks like something out of a science-fiction movie, it’s sleek polymer design provides several handling options for it’s user. The weapon system is a bit bigger than the one’s we’ve talked about earlier, thus it is not ideal for concealed carry, but great for the application of in-home defense. The FN 303 utilizes a 15 shot drum magazine that can be loaded with four different .68 caliber impact loads to stop an intruder in his tracks. First we have the standard impact round which may break skin and severely  bruise the attacker. Second we’ve got the impact plus indelible paint which is good for marking the intruder incase he gets away so that police can find him staggering down the street. Third we’ve got the impact plus irritant, this round contains a form of OC spray in it, so the intruder doesn’t only get beat up but suffers an inability to see or breath normally as well. And fourth, we’ve got the impact plus washable paint also used for marking targets. To top it all off the FN 303 spits its payload out at a nice 300 FPS ( feet per second) with semi-automatic fire. The over all length is 29 inches and it does come with iron sights as well as a top-mount accessory rail where you can mount a nice EOtech sight. The effective reach of the weapon system is approximately 50 meters and each CO2 bottle contains at 110 shots before needing to be refilled. The one draw back of this system, other than it’s size, is the cost of the unit and it’s ammunition. On a personal note I do not own this unit, but would love for FN Herstal to send me a unit so that I can properly test it and give my readers my direct results. Keep checking back to this post for further updates.

I’ve seen this unit sell at online vendors for  $780.00

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Cobra Stun Light

Welcome back! For our next less lethal defensive tool I have chosen to write about a tool that’s not only handy for self defense but practical as well. Named after the fearsome and venomous spitting Cobra, The Cobra 2 by Cobra Stun Light acts both as a practical high-lumen LED flash flight and as an effective OC delivery system. The Cobra 2 features an airplane-grade aluminum body along with a non-slip rubber grip for firm control over the unit. When the Cobra 2 gets defensive it triggers a high-intensity strobe light to disorient an assailant, but that is only half of its bite. The second half stings much more. The Cobra 2 features a hidden OC spray with is triggered by a concealed button on the frame of the unit. The OC spray allows for 2-3 shots per canister and is refillable with a fresh OC canister. With a built-in laser sight for stream accuracy and an effective distance of 20 feet, this system can hold off attackers. The OC irritant can be felt almost immediately causing severe burning of the eyes and throat that lasts for several minutes. The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and allows up to four hours of continuos runtime at low beam operation. The unit is both water and shock resistant and features a low battery indicator. I have contacted the manufacturer to find out how the American consumer can get their hands on this unit. I will keep you posted.

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A company called Piexon revolutionized the less lethal self-defense market when they released their JPX Jet Defender; a compact two-shot pyrotechnic OC spray launcher. Their technology utilizes a traditional pyrotechnic charge much like a firearm that delivers a payload effectively and accurately up to twenty-three feet. Even though this system uses a pyrotechnic charge it is NOT classified as a firearm by the ATF and thus does not require registration. NOW Piexon has come out with a revamped version of their cutting edge technology called the JPX4 and as the name might suggest this semi-automatic bad-boy packs four shots instead of the classic two shooter. Some key benefits of this less lethal weapon system is that there is no loss of pressure, no shaking of the device prior to use, extended range (23 feet), superior accuracy, no deflection of the OC spray through cross-winds, no batteries to go dead, and less Cross-Contamination. The payload is delivered at a whopping 320 FPS. The new JPX4 comes in two sizes; the standard with a length of 7.57 inches and 5.65 inches tall and the compact version with a length of 7.57 inches and 4.88 inches tall. The standard comes with a built-in laser sight and picatinny MilSpec rail for mounting tactical lights and other accessories. This product is made of high impact resistant polymer in Switzerland.


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