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A name well known in the less lethal industry is Taser who in the 1970’s introduced the world to a new form of less lethal devices known today as ECDs or Electronic Control Devices. This same company has reinvented its own technology by producing the first ever ECD shotgun, the X12. This device is built on the frame of a Mossberg 500, a shotgun that would cause seriously fatal injuries, but with Taser’s inventive mind has been able to tame the wild beast without sacrificing all off it’s bite. The X12 utilizes Taser’s LLS (Less Lethal Shotgun) round known as the XREP (Extended Range Electronic Projectile) which unlike conventional ECD ammunition is NOT connected to any wires what so ever and each round is its own fully functional ECD unit. The X12 also features new Radial Ammunition Key technology which prevents lethal rounds from being fired from this shotgun rendering it a 100% Less Lethal Alternative. The barrel of the X12 is also rifled differently than the standard Mossberg 500. The X12 features a high twist rifled barrel to assist with the deliverance of the less lethal XREP projectile. In addition the unit features a yellow collapsable tactical stock (some models) and tactical rails on the pump handle to accommodate an additional Taser X26 ECD as a back up. The new XREP round weighs a mere 14 grams and has a max reach of 65 feet or 20 meters. The X12 it’s self also features a nice pistol grip handle and ghost ring sight for aiming. The X12 was developed and is still only available to law enforcement, but many eager civilians including my self would love to own one. Stay tuned and keep checking back for further updates on this Less Lethal Alternative.

unit msrp = 599.00

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Stinger S200

Back in 2004 -2010 a company called Stinger Systems Inc. started the manufacture and marketing of a less lethal weapon platform known as the Stinger S 200. This unit was test released into various law enforcement agencies in the United States as a front run competitor for the leading ECD manufacturer in the world, Taser. The unit promised equal stopping power and take down capabilities to that of Taser, but claimed to have newer internal technology that surpassed that of Taser. In 2010 Stinger Systems Inc found it’s self in legal hot water when Taser won a lawsuit  against them for patent infringement and Stinger Systems were banned from selling or producing the Stinger S 200 in the United States. Thus bits and pieces of this less lethal technology was sold off to overseas companies. KOMM LABS in India acquired the design for the Stinger S 200 while other bits of Stinger Systems Inc was transferred to Karbon Arms based in Tampa Florida. Now that we got some of this unit’s dramatic history out of the way, lets talk about the unit it’s self. The Stinger S 200 is based on a pistol platform measuring 7.5″ in length and 1.68″ wide. The unit has a 635 NM integrated laser sight for sharp target acquisition, a recessed dart cartridge with a reach of 22 feet, features a quick eject button for speedy reloads, uses off the shelf CR-2 batteries, and a ambidextrous bolt safety to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed shooters. The Stinger S 200 has two key technologies, the Quantum Flyback Technology and Nervlok. The Quantum Flyback Technology provides, ” the availability of new high-energy switching transistors is permitting the deployment of the best solution yet – Quantum Flyback Technology (QFT™). The S-200’s electrodes deliver high-voltage energy in a precisely controlled series of energy packets or “Quanta.” The electronics delivers these energy quanta from a “Flyback” transformer circuit. Series of quantum pulses are delivered first as ionizing spark energy and then as a more immobilizing, lower-voltage, higher-current energy quanta once on target.” The Nervlok is,”a novel feature of QFT is the ability to more effectively lock-up nerve tissue while delivering less total energy to the body. The muscles become hopelessly overloaded and fatigued very quickly – in a manner that may be safer than ever.” Further technical specifications include a pulse rate of ~22 pulse groups per second, a pulse duration of ~300us to ~400us, a peak arc volt of ~60KV, and a max firing time of 4 seconds per trigger pull. The weapon can also be used in drive stun mode by touching the unit to it’s target.

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The Dual Defense System

Here is yet another interesting Less Lethal Alternative called The Dual Defense System which works much like a traditional air-taser with projectile electric darts but this unit retails for about half as much. The Dual Defense System utilizes a single-shot disposable projectile cartridge that shoots out two electric darts that’s can penetrate leather out to a distance of 17 feet while the traditional civilian Taser M26C and X26C has a limit of 15 feet. This unit can also be used as a regular drive stun weapon when the projectile cartridge has been spent. This unit works off of regular 9-V batteries that you can purchase at any grocery or pharmacy close to home. The Dual Defense System is small enough to be easily concealable in your cargo shorts or handbag. I have attached a test document of this unit to this posting as a PDF download. This unit is legal to carry in many states without a permit but you should always consult your local law enforcement agency prior to carry.

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Taser Pulse

Today I was excited to learn about a new less lethal solution and alternative which is supposed to hit the consumer market in late Q1 2016. This new electronic control device (ECD) will be priced slightly higher than that of the previous Taser C2 which is now being re-marketed as the Taser BOLT. The Taser PULSE will be Taser’s newest solution to an ever-changing less lethal market which holds a demand with steady growth in both consumer sales and need for innovative self-defense technology.

The all new Taser PULSE will pack the same stopping power that Taser’s law enforcement models provide. The unit has an advanced laser target acquisition system with integrated LED flashlight for accurate deployment. The Taser PULSE offers a reach of 15 feet and a power cycle of 30 seconds. Taser offers a “Safe Escape Product Replacement Program” which means that if the owner has to discharge their weapon in self-defense and leave the unit behind at the scene of an attack, Taser will replace the unit for free when provided with a police report of the incident. The unit weighs a light 1/2 pound, is the size of a subcompact pistol, and uses easily replaceable batteries. The unit ships out with two 15 foot projectile cartridges and Taser is currently accepting pre-orders for it’s release date in late Q1, you can find the link below.

 * RESTRICTIONS: DC, HI, MA, NJ, NY, RI, & certain cities & counties.  CT, IL, MI, and WI are legal with certain restrictions and requirements.  If you have any questions regarding your ability to carry a TASER Pulse in your state or municipality consult your local law enforcement agency or go to taser.com for additional information.

CA, FL, ID, IL, NV, and VA and the city of New Orleans require background checks. Upon completion of your pre-order, we will send an email with steps to completing your background check. 

The TASER Pulse is only available for sale in the United State of America and Puerto Rico.

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