Taser C2/ Taser Bolt

Taser may be the most notorious name in the ECD market and that’s because they were the ones to pioneer this less lethal technology back in the 70’s. Taser offers Less Lethal Alternatives to deadly force for those who are in the private security and law enforcement fields, but now with the Taser C2, the ECD is finding a home with the everyday consumer. The Taser C2/Bolt is built smaller than the Taser M26C and is easy to use. The design is sleek and easily concealed in your pocket, handbag, or jacket. This unit is truly meant for the everyday consumer allowing for several customizing style options. This unit has a wide variety of color schemes available to those who wish to accessorize it like a cell phone. Like all Tasers available to civilians this model has a single shot projectile cartridge that fires two electric probes with nitrogen propulsion which is able to reach out and touch an assailant at 15 feet and penetrate up to two inches of cumulative clothing with an energy cycle of 30 seconds instead of 6 for the M26 and 10 for the X26. Once the cartridge has been spent the Taser C2 can act like a traditional touch stun gun or  be quickly reloaded with a second cartridge. The device works off of a removable lithium rechargeable battery pack that allows for 50 uses from a full charge. The unit also features a low intensity light for use in low or no light areas and has a protective cover over it’s firing mechanism in order to minimize accidental discharge. While the official strength of this Taser device has not been released to the public, it is thought to be weaker than the M26 and X26 which use the 26 WATT charge and are models used by law enforcement and private security. Some have speculated that it’s charge is around 7-12 WATTs. Some models come with a built-in laser sight for better target acquisition. Taser devices are not legal in all states or cities, so check with your local law enforcement agency to make sure you are carrying within the law.

This unit’s MSRP is $379.99

taser bolt

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Taser X26

The Taser X26 has been in use by law enforcement for quiet sometime now and even available to the general public in it’s civilian model the Taser X26C. This device was the compliance tool to replace the older Taser M26 for law enforcement. This Taser X26C is built on a much smaller frame than the Taser M26C and is definitely the right size for concealable carry. It is still just a one shot device but it delivers a 10 second shock cycle where the older Taser M26C only delivered a 5 second shock cycle. The Taser X26C uses the same Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology as the law enforcement grade units and has the capability of penetrating through 2 cumulative inches of clothing. Like the Taser M26C the X26C has an ambidextrous flip safety which makes it easy to shoot for both right-handed and left-handed operators and like all civilian models has a reach of 15 feet. The unit also features a high intensity laser for better target acquisition and a LED flash light which was new to this unit. The device also has toggle options for the laser and LED flashlight which you can set to your own preference. The unit also displays the amount of battery life still available so you know when it’s time to charge. The device is backed by Taser’s lifetime warranty and if you ever need to leave your unit behind at the scene of an attack and have a police report, Taser will replace your unit at no charge.

The unit’s MSRP is $999.00

taser x26


Our next Less Lethal Alternative bit of technology looks as if it were drawn straight out of a Judge Dredd comic book and comes to us all the way from Russia. A company in Russia called ( by it’s english name), Electro Shock Technologies, has been busy developing a new ECD device that allows it’s user up to 10 shots and is clip fed like a traditional firearm. This is exciting news because up until recently ECDs were only single shot devices. The RESD PDG-S5 is built on an ambidextrous pistol platfrom, allowing for both left and right handed operators. This Russian ECD features a tactical rail for mounting accessories like flashlights or cameras and has a button to trigger drive stun operation like a traditional stun gun. Get ready for this next bit of information, it will blow your socks off….. The operational range of the RESD PDG-S5 is up to 50 feet, unheard of in American ECDs. The wires projected from the cartridges are not insulated like the ones of a Tazer thus it allows for the user to drag the wires from point A to point B, if a second attacker tries to charge he will meet the “electrified fence effect.” The unit comes with a built-in laser for better target acquisition. I have contacted the manufacturer to see how the American consumer might be able to get their hands on the RESD PDG-S5, I will keep you posted when I find out more.

russian taser

KELIN Remote Needle Electric Stun Gun

Our next Less Lethal Alternative is a Chinese ECD produced by a company called Kelin. Kelin manufactures a wide range of products for military and police use ranging from body armor to compliance tools. The Kelin ECD is called the, “Remote Needle Electric Stun Gun”, but for the purposes of this post we’ll refer to it as the Kelin ECD. The Kelin ECD has a similar shape to that of the Taser C2, but unlike the Taser C2 this unit has a protruding cartridge not a recessed one. Much like the Taser M26C, X26C, and Phazzer ECDs the Kelin ECD’s cartridge is manually inserted and ejected. The unit features an external laser mount at the top of the frame as well as a rechargeable battery pack. The unit has an effective reach of five meters to deal with any oncoming threats with it’s projected electric needles. I have attempted to locate more information about this product online, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. I know that other Kelin models are available to the American consumer online, but haven’t found the Kelin ECD. I have sent a request to the manufacturer for more information as well as details on how the American consumer can buy the Kelin ECD. As soon as I find out I will let you know!

less lethal alternatives

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Taser X2

From the world’s leader in ECD technology comes another great achievement in less lethal technology. The Taser X2 and X3 Less Lethal Alternatives are semi-automatic devices that offer multiple shots prior to reload. The X2 and X3 were developed ,”by law enforcement for law enforcement”, and is the most advanced product in the infamous Taser lineup. Before this product was released to the professional market it had spent six years in research and development and been put through more than 3000 hours of validation testing. The unit features a double laser for greater accuracy than ever before, it’s improved power magazine allows for 500 firings, the unit is virtually weather proof made to work in any conditions, it features a self diagnostic application that determines if the device is ready and safe for use, Current Metering technology ensures that the appropriate amount of current gets deployed for maximum effectiveness while considering safety, and it also has a tactical accessory interface. Aside from all of the most cutting edge technology that this unit brings to the table, it’s appearance lacks no sex appeal. The unit is extremely sleek with sharp edges and ergonomic curves in all the right places. It boasts a comfortably contoured grip for your hand, recessed cartridges, ambidextrous thumb safety, and looks like a prop from the latest SciFi movie. Available in the black and black and yellow color configurations. At this time the unit is only available to law enforcement and military. The X2 version is a double shot model and is slightly thinner than its twin brother the X3 which offers three shots prior to reload.

Taser X2 MSRP is $950.00

Taser X3 MSRP is $1,599.95

taser x2

Phazzer Enforcer

Although the company refers to its products as CEWs ( Conductive Energy Weapons) Phazzer is one of the newer players in the ECD market.  Their staple product is the Phazzer Enforcer which is a very nice looking less lethal weapon. The Phazzer Enforcer is also built on a standard size pistol frame, but offers some very nice additional features that the Taser M26C doesn’t incorporate. The first noticeable difference is the pistol grip with has a checkered back side for slip resistance and grooved finger slots for a firm grip. Like the Taser M26C, the Phazzer Enforcer has a nice built-in laser sight but it also offers a built-in LED flash light for operation in low-light conditions. The unit uses a built-in rechargeable battery so you don’t need to worry about buying additional batteries for this unit. The Phazzer Enforcer fires two electrode probes from a single cartridge at a distance of 15 feet which can penetrate up to two inches of clothing and cycles its amps in five-second intervals allowing the users time to escape a hostile situation while the target remains incapacitated. The Phazzer company was very intuitive in designing it’s products allowing them to take on multiple functions from a single platform, “PhaZZer offers six variations of ammunition cartridges including: Dart Pro 15 foot (4.5 meter); Dart Pro 21 foot (6.4 meter) LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY; PepperBall® 30 foot (9.1 meter); Rubber Bullet 30 foot (9.1 meter); Paint Ball Mark 30 foot (9.1 meter); Multi-Target Pepper Powder 8 foot (2.6 meter); Dart Pro Non-Conductive Wire Training 15 foot (4.5 meter) and Dart Pro Non-Conductive Wire Training 21 foot (6.4 meter) LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY.” – Phazzer Website.

Phazzer has matched the replacement policy of Taser International by offering a free lifetime replacement policy if you ever have to use your device in an actual emergency and submit a police report to the company within a year’s time. On a personal note, I do not own one of these units but have requested that the company send me an evaluation unit to test for my self. Keep checking back to this post for further updates.

projectile stun weapon


Taser M26C

As one of my first less lethal personal purchases I bought the Taser M26C. This technology is older and has been used by law enforcement and private security since 1999, thus it is a proven technology but it is also bulkier than some models that came later. Since it is bulkier it is not the best model for the purpose of concealed carry, and it is not legal for concealed carry in all states so check with your local city and state police. It has a very nice built-in laser sight that turns on once the safety has been turned off and the weapon is ready to deploy. This laser sight may be a deterrent enough to stop an attacker, but if not, then the shock and ensuing incapacitation will. Unlike pepper or OC sprays, ECDs like the Taser M26C provide incapacitation by hi-jacking the nervous system of it’s targets, as opposed to severe burning of eyes and throat caused by OC sprays. The weapon works by firing two electronic probes or darts at it’s target using compressed nitrogen, these darts have the capability of penetrating up to two inches of clothing with a 5 second shock cycle per trigger pull. Replacement cartridges are available. The weapon’s deployment range is 15 feet (standard for civilian models of any ECD). But if you are web-savy you might be able to find a site that will sell the 21 foot cartridges to you, (these are typically for law enforcement). Once the cartridge has been fired you can use the weapon as a regular contact stun gun, but this requires you to get up close and personal with your attacker (not recommended). This model takes off the shelf AA batteries which are stored in the pistol grip. In the event that you have to use your Taser in an actual emergency the company offers a free lifetime replacement policy if your device is lost, just send in a copy of the police report to the company. All Tasers use an AFID, a system to deter misuse through enhanced accountability, AFID includes bar-coded serialization of each cartridge and disperses confetti-like ID tags upon activation.

taser m26

Air Taser

The Air Taser 34000 is a blast from the past which can still be felt today if you are unlucky enough to be standing at the business end of one of these devices. The Air Taser 34000 came out in 1994 and was the first Taser unit not to be classified as a firearm as it used compressed gas to fire it’s projectiles instead of gun powder.  This unit was also the first in Taser’s infamous less lethal line up which used the AFIDs (Anti Felony Ids) which are very small confetti like signature strips that get shot out along with the projectiles when they are deployed. Like most of Taser’s civilian lineup, the Air Taser has a reach of 15 feet when firing the projectiles and has a stun period of 30 seconds per trigger pull to allow the user time to escape from a hostile situation. If needed the device doubles as a traditional stun gun and delivers the shock directly upon contact to the assailant’s body. This device uses a standard 9V alkaline battery and has an indicator which will tell you when the device needs a new battery. Unlike Taser’s newer models like the M26C and X26C, the Air Taser 34000 did not come with an internal laser sight, but does offer that as an external accessory piece. The standard kit comes equipped with one Air Taser, two dart packs, instructional video, special practice target, 9V Battery, and hard carrying case. Since this unit is older than many other similar devices the retail on it is priced a lot lower than many other Taser units.

Unit starts at $269.95 for basic package.

less lethal alternatives

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Taser Shotgun X12

A name well known in the less lethal industry is Taser who in the 1970’s introduced the world to a new form of less lethal devices known today as ECDs or Electronic Control Devices. This same company has reinvented its own technology by producing the first ever ECD shotgun, the X12. This device is built on the frame of a Mossberg 500, a shotgun that would cause seriously fatal injuries, but with Taser’s inventive mind has been able to tame the wild beast without sacrificing all off it’s bite. The X12 utilizes Taser’s LLS (Less Lethal Shotgun) round known as the XREP (Extended Range Electronic Projectile) which unlike conventional ECD ammunition is NOT connected to any wires what so ever and each round is its own fully functional ECD unit. The X12 also features new Radial Ammunition Key technology which prevents lethal rounds from being fired from this shotgun rendering it a 100% Less Lethal Alternative. The barrel of the X12 is also rifled differently than the standard Mossberg 500. The X12 features a high twist rifled barrel to assist with the deliverance of the less lethal XREP projectile. In addition the unit features a yellow collapsable tactical stock (some models) and tactical rails on the pump handle to accommodate an additional Taser X26 ECD as a back up. The new XREP round weighs a mere 14 grams and has a max reach of 65 feet or 20 meters. The X12 it’s self also features a nice pistol grip handle and ghost ring sight for aiming. The X12 was developed and is still only available to law enforcement, but many eager civilians including my self would love to own one. Stay tuned and keep checking back for further updates on this Less Lethal Alternative.

unit msrp = 599.00

taser shotgun


Stinger S200

Back in 2004 -2010 a company called Stinger Systems Inc. started the manufacture and marketing of a less lethal weapon platform known as the Stinger S 200. This unit was test released into various law enforcement agencies in the United States as a front run competitor for the leading ECD manufacturer in the world, Taser. The unit promised equal stopping power and take down capabilities to that of Taser, but claimed to have newer internal technology that surpassed that of Taser. In 2010 Stinger Systems Inc found it’s self in legal hot water when Taser won a lawsuit  against them for patent infringement and Stinger Systems were banned from selling or producing the Stinger S 200 in the United States. Thus bits and pieces of this less lethal technology was sold off to overseas companies. KOMM LABS in India acquired the design for the Stinger S 200 while other bits of Stinger Systems Inc was transferred to Karbon Arms based in Tampa Florida. Now that we got some of this unit’s dramatic history out of the way, lets talk about the unit it’s self. The Stinger S 200 is based on a pistol platform measuring 7.5″ in length and 1.68″ wide. The unit has a 635 NM integrated laser sight for sharp target acquisition, a recessed dart cartridge with a reach of 22 feet, features a quick eject button for speedy reloads, uses off the shelf CR-2 batteries, and a ambidextrous bolt safety to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed shooters. The Stinger S 200 has two key technologies, the Quantum Flyback Technology and Nervlok. The Quantum Flyback Technology provides, ” the availability of new high-energy switching transistors is permitting the deployment of the best solution yet – Quantum Flyback Technology (QFT™). The S-200’s electrodes deliver high-voltage energy in a precisely controlled series of energy packets or “Quanta.” The electronics delivers these energy quanta from a “Flyback” transformer circuit. Series of quantum pulses are delivered first as ionizing spark energy and then as a more immobilizing, lower-voltage, higher-current energy quanta once on target.” The Nervlok is,”a novel feature of QFT is the ability to more effectively lock-up nerve tissue while delivering less total energy to the body. The muscles become hopelessly overloaded and fatigued very quickly – in a manner that may be safer than ever.” Further technical specifications include a pulse rate of ~22 pulse groups per second, a pulse duration of ~300us to ~400us, a peak arc volt of ~60KV, and a max firing time of 4 seconds per trigger pull. The weapon can also be used in drive stun mode by touching the unit to it’s target.

less lethal alternatives