Taser Shotgun X12

A name well known in the less lethal industry is Taser who in the 1970’s introduced the world to a new form of less lethal devices known today as ECDs or Electronic Control Devices. This same company has reinvented its own technology by producing the first ever ECD shotgun, the X12. This device is built on the frame of a Mossberg 500, a shotgun that would cause seriously fatal injuries, but with Taser’s inventive mind has been able to tame the wild beast without sacrificing all off it’s bite. The X12 utilizes Taser’s LLS (Less Lethal Shotgun) round known as the XREP (Extended Range Electronic Projectile) which unlike conventional ECD ammunition is NOT connected to any wires what so ever and each round is its own fully functional ECD unit. The X12 also features new Radial Ammunition Key technology which prevents lethal rounds from being fired from this shotgun rendering it a 100% Less Lethal Alternative. The barrel of the X12 is also rifled differently than the standard Mossberg 500. The X12 features a high twist rifled barrel to assist with the deliverance of the less lethal XREP projectile. In addition the unit features a yellow collapsable tactical stock (some models) and tactical rails on the pump handle to accommodate an additional Taser X26 ECD as a back up. The new XREP round weighs a mere 14 grams and has a max reach of 65 feet or 20 meters. The X12 it’s self also features a nice pistol grip handle and ghost ring sight for aiming. The X12 was developed and is still only available to law enforcement, but many eager civilians including my self would love to own one. Stay tuned and keep checking back for further updates on this Less Lethal Alternative.

unit msrp = 599.00

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